Music Monday :: my thoughts on Yuck

8 Jun

I feel like I’ve heard one of Alpines’ songs on fanmixes but I’m blanking on what it is at the moment.  Regardless, here we go.

“Come On.”  I’m not even sure what to say to this but it is so ambient and interesting.  Boom.

“Foolish.”  “Empire” is the song I know.  ASOIAF mixes.  Anyway.  There’s a much more playful vibe to this particular tune that’s playing, one that’s pretty classic pop and adorable.  I feel like it’s sort of tongue-in-cheek in some way, too.

“Crunches.”  “I don’t wanna run away-hey I don’t wanna run away,” this is adorable.  This is playful and cute and really, really enjoyable and nice ambient noise.  I’m not having a particularly deep reaction, but it’s sweet.

“Shot Fox.”  “When you’re gone the world seems brighter, when your heart beats nine beats faster.”  This is trippy cute fun that would be nice for twirling in circles and blowing bubbles out of soap

“Up For Air.”  There’s very little to say about a lot of this but it’s good it really is!  It’s just harder to liveblog like, trippy space pop.  Because it’s aesthetic more than lyric-driven.  It’s a nice aesthetic, though!

“Jellyfish.”  None of this is as dark and angry as “Empire” so far, but I like it all.  “I wanna be the life before I stop beating myself up” is that what they said that doesn’t even make sense but I like it.

“Much More.”  This is surprisingly vibing me as nighttime at Coachella but in a pleasant way, which is surprising because I’m not usually into the Coachella aesthetic.

“Damn Baby.”  This oddly sounds like it should be Sailor Moon music??  I’m up for it.

“Standing Not Sleeping.”  Strumming not at the same pace as drums.  It’s sort of uneven but in a nice enough way.  Trippy.

“Need Not Be.”  Old fashioned grammar, my favorite.  This is a little darker in an ambient gazey way.  I like it also.

–your fangirl heroine.

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