Whimsy Wednesday :: in which there are terrifying possessed animals and asshole possessed middle schoolers.

3 Jun

Monster Animal Kingdom.  Nonsense.  Let’s do it.

Why would you throw that much kitchenware at a cat?  Really?

Normally I wouldn’t laugh at a cat getting hit in the face by a door, but it’s funny.

The cat’s masculinity is threatened.  That is the premise here, I think.


Also, Usagi is a kitty marriage counselor. (I know they’re not married yet, but. Lol.)

“It’s your fault this happened, Usagi!” But…you laughed too??

SAD KITTENS IN A BOX IN THE GARBAGE SUCH EMOTION they should hook up with the dogs from Oliver and Company or whatever it was.

Ahaha. Also, space cats must be more sophisticated than Earth cats because technically Artemis should have smelled those kittens and run the fuck away.

“Do you think a hundred [vocabulary words] a day is too little” oh Ami-chan you precious little thing I love you.

Why are the possessed dogs and cats walking on their front legs that’s so scary

Yes, they totally let the housecats wander around in the same areas as tigers and alligators.

This is not cool. This is scary.

This is one of the Dark Moon Clan’s more terrifying plans, I agree.

I also like how apparently garbage cans hide you from terrifying possessed dogs.

Romantic cat drama??

Evil leash whip monster!

“I’ll defeat her for sure!” You’re like…six pounds, dude.

And here we have a lesson on the dangers of masculinity and vain pride.

Is this Mad Max tho

Shine Aqua Illusion is the prettiest freaking attack.

So Artemis gets to be the hero…for the stupidest reason. Yeah, that fits.

“You look like the grandpa of the guy who broke my heart.” UHHHH

Oh welp Ami feels.

A closeup of a lady bathing FOR KIDS

She’s taking a bath in a modern art piece, apparently.

Cram schools getting attacked.  Maybe this should be a sign, y’all.  I’m all for education but.

“Watch out or people might call you a nerd.”  Those girls are mean and weird.  Everyone is mean and weird but hey, Usagi and Naru are blushing angrily in her defense.

“She’s so strong!” WELL OKAY

Mako is terrifyingly badass for a junior high student.

Poor sweet Ami who even when monsters aren’t possessing people is not understood by them poor sweet Ami who does nothing to deserve this

The thing is, I would just assume this was normal middle school behavior, because middle schoolers are fucking awful.

Oh, totally.  But, y’know.

I’m really enjoying the glimpses we’re getting of her posed slightly post-attack so she’s just standing there in a dark classroom awkwardly akimbo.

Hell yes she’s formidable!  She’s so formidable!  She’s such a badass too.

Hallucinations welp oh gods

This episode is more uncomfortable for me as an adult than it was when I was a kid.

Yeah like…my bullies just made fun of stuff I liked, so I don’t think it would’ve affected me as a kid, but now it’s like, oh well this is unpleasant.

I’m kind of surprised it didn’t hit me harder when I was little, given the way that some of my peers behaved toward me, but I think maybe it’s that now I’m conscious of things that then I wasn’t?

And also I just don’t so much with mind control.


“You wouldn’t understand! Our hearts are bound by trust!”  WELL THEN

“You girls have a remarkable friendship” YOU DON’T SAY

“There’s only one person who’s allowed to watch me bathe” FOR KIDS

–your fangirl heroines.

very excite


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