Music Monday :: my thoughts on I Don’t Want to Let You Down

1 Jun

I like Sharon Van Etten.  I have decided this recently, as evidenced by my referencing other people’s references to her in reviews.  Here is an EP.

“I Don’t Want to Let You Down.”  Sharon Van Etten is kind of a patron saint of moody ladyvoice music that I space out to, I guess.  That’s a good way of putting it.  Her voice isn’t perfect and for some people I’m sure there would have to be some mental preparation for that, but I’m all right with it.

“Just Like Blood.”  The NPR livestream has Van Etten’s own notes on each song, and I’m reading those more than I am typing thoughts, honestly.  They’re fascinating.

“I Always Fall Apart.”  “You know it’s always been my heart, you know I always fall apart, it’s not my fault it’s just my flaw” something yeah that’s a relatable sentiment.  This is melancholy but it’s relatably so.  I kind of expected this one to be funnier based on her description of it as “a half-joke” but whatever.

“Pay My Debts.”   Jeez, I am so sorry I’m not having any intelligent thoughts about this EP.  It’s lovely, but I’m not coming over shivery or picking out particularly stunning individual moments.  I really do like it a lot though, and this is obviously quite useful.

“Tell Me.”  A live recording, apparently.  And it’s very nice.  I think I could have used something a little more up this evening, but these are five quality songs.

–your fangirl heroine.



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