Whimsy Wednesday :: in which friendship bracelets are secretly evil and Minako is an earnest but terrible nurse.

27 May

You’d think that Usagi would be able to use moon magic to get to class on time.

But hey, there’s her friends!!  Umino and Naru.  We’ve forgotten then until right now but it’s a plot they can be involved in!

Those are not promise rings.  Those are friendship bracelets.  Those are bracelets you make out of embroidery floss that you stitch together in patterns while it’s taped to the table.  We never wished on them, but all right then.

Yeah like…“promise ring” carries a very specific connotation for me. It makes me think of promising your virginity to Jesus or sometimes your father, depending on the level of creepiness of the particular sect of Christianity. It makes me want to run the fuck away.

We’d also do hair wraps, where you do similar kinds of knots with embroidery floss in your hair.  Those were a big pain in the ass because you’d have to cut them off your hair basically and it was not, if I remember, particularly likely to end well.

“I will fill this filthy Tokyo with Dark Power.”  If the villains are always so disdainful of Earth and specifically of Tokyo why the hell do they want it so much.

Why on earth did Mako just blush while explaining believing in wishes to Usagi?

I remember doing these so viscerally.  It was such a thing to do, at least in my various craftsy after school/summer programs.

There’s a textbook for this class? Jesus. I mean I know it’s a coverup but still.

Well, I never took a class in it but I remember having a book of patterns and things.  Although I think my book was one that came with a set of like, metallic embroidery thread that was special and weird to work with so maybe that’s why.

“This probably isn’t an ordinary dream.”  No shit?  “It’s a prophetic dream showing the future.”  Honestly, do you have anything but?

Why didn’t Usagi’s parents notice that Usagi OR CHIBU-USA left the house in the middle of the night?  That’s suspicious parenting.

Y’know, it’s amazing that these girls trust anything new in this town anymore. Considering their track record and all.

I assume there must also be new shops that open that don’t turn evil, we just don’t see them?  But I really don’t know, man.  I really don’t.

ONE RING fuck I’m laughing so much

Also, “impudent little twit.”  Definitely had to rewind and make sure that didn’t say what I thought it did the first time, which… was not “twit.”

“You are a droid with an ugly heart” as opposed to…?

Um, that’s racist. CLEARLY C3PO has a beautiful heart!!!

Hee yes, he does, but in what “droid” means in this context, y’know.  They have yet to meet the beautiful-hearted kind, and the beautiful-hearted kind likely does not exist.

“We are on the scene.”  Yes you sure are!  Such attack!

“You cocky Pretty Guardians!”  As opposed to you, who is selfless and good?

Did he just make galloping noises while he ran off?

“Worries bring out the beauty in a girl…” then I oughta be fucking stunning.

WELL.  Y’know.

I vaguely remember this one, I think.  Horrifying droid with syringe arms.  Nope.

That puffy fan seems like the least practical thing.

Aw Minako’s horrible attempts at playing nurse.  She’s so enthusiastic.  She’s trying so hard.

Personally, I’ve never had that sort of reaction to too much salt, but I guess normal people don’t…like salt that much lol.

Normal people also can’t explode stereos by poking their buttons.

Esmeraude’s decision to have the statues made as pinups of herself was a poor one, as pinups don’t really work when you’re dealing with the hard angles of rocks.

Was Minako just standing there with the sheet wrapped around her like a cape, waiting for an opportunity?

I think a great deal of Minako’s life is waiting for opportunities.

The cathead ball has a frilly apron on.

“Usagi, we’re still in middle school, you know.”  And everyone else’s voices in the nightmare also telling Usagi she’s too young for this shit.  Brilliant.

I appreciate that that dream made no sense. Too many shows have dream sequences that are logical.

“Because I feel at ease around you.”  As Minako praises the hell out of Usagi.  I feel like the two of them are one of the more fan-arted ladyships.  Or maybe it’s Minako and Rei.  Or both, I don’t remember.


Much disguise.  Very doctor.

Chibi-Usa sweetheart I feel your pain and fear baby.  Needles are the actual worst!

“You bad people are unforgivable!”  And “I will rain love’s heavenly punishment on you!”

Esmeraude ssssshhh good grief you’re giving the plan away.

That rose stem just shattered a needle. Does he sharpen them???

“Hospitals are a haven of life” good grief Tuxedo Kamen good grief.

“Let’s get rid of the cause of the flu!”  Except it’s extra cute when Mercury says it because Ami wants to be a doctor and she wants to end flus!!!!!

“I love the energetic you!” Sooooo I’m a bad person and the first thing I thought was “their relationship is fucked if she ever develops some chronic illness, then.”

I also like how…apparently the people-flu affects the cats.

I’m so curious where they get their nurse uniforms, too.

–your fangirl heroines.



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