Music Monday :: my thoughts on Platform

11 May

An NPR gamble, as I have never heard of Holly Herndon before, but here we go.

“Interference.”  Electronic some more.  I’m going to admit right here and now that I’m, well, really quite yearning for something to appear with the melancholic twang of Mirel Wagner or something, I’m in that mood.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t like this kind of thing, the electronic.  And this is trippy as hell thus far, ambient noise and abstract vocals.  So that’s fun.  But I’m not expecting to have a lot of deep thoughts.

“Chorus.”  More ambiance, and I’d like to read the lyrics to this someday, such as they are.  I’m not even going to try to pick them up over the skittering noisetracks, which this seems to be mostly comprised of.  This is truer electronica in that way, I suppose, than some of what I usually look at.  It’s got that “this is what getting wiped after a Dollhouse engagement must sound like” quality to it.

“Unequal.”  Oh, this one is starting with vocals on top of spare instrumentation and… raindrops?  I’m honestly not sure what she’s saying, because she’s drawing her words out so much and they’re on top of noise, but I did just catch “language” and maybe “honesty” and I’m sure it’s very interesting.

“Morning Sun.”  Okay, this one is clearer.  Falling into arms and belonging and such.  It’s got a stutter-stop feeling to it that’s making it easy to get lost in, though.  Electronica is like that, I think.

“Locker Leak.”  “Who lasts?  Glass lasts.”  Well, that’s creepy.  There’s noise and music and a lot more talking that’s detached enough to be vaguely freaky.  I think this is what entering Dollstate sounds like, actually.  This specific thing.  This is creepy as hell.

“An Exit.”  I’m not good at intelligently dissecting electronica-based noise music that sounds like it’s probably performance art, or at least like it could be.  It’s interesting, it really is, but I don’t know to explain it or even that I should want to explain it.  “If I were to sail away.”

“Lonely At the Top.”  OH MY GOD THIS IS SO CREEPY “clients like you are our top priority” oh my god.  This is so.  I don’t even know that I can explain how completely alarming this is to me.  It’s completely innocuous, but also it really isn’t.  Also, Holly Herndon has a speaking voice that has kind of a fairy-princess little girl quality to it, at least enough so that it’s creeping me out here.  “Giving the world your ideas.”  I think she’s playing the part of a masseuse, maybe, but she’s significantly chattier than any masseuse I’ve ever known and I haven’t actually seen Twin Peaks but that just crossed my mind.  “You naturally attract possibilities.”    OH MY GOD “you make us better I don’t know how you do it” nope.

“Dao.”  I never thought I’d be so happy to listen to percussive noise.  Lots of percussive noise.  Bring on the percussive noise.  And sudden opera!

“Home.”  There’s a vocal track that’s essentially serving as percussion, that’s interesting.  On top of the actual percussion.  And on top of an actual vocal track, too.  “I know that you know me better than” something.

“New Way to Love.”   Okay, such noise.  I feel like this would be a lot of fun to watch, or at the very least interesting.  This is the musical equivalent of strobe lights, I think.

–your fangirl heroine.



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