Fashion Friday :: small triumphs

8 May

peggy (elisabeth olson)

So this episode was full of canonical frustrations, but it also had moments of… I’m not sure what.  Joy, maybe?  Peggy (Elisabeth Olson) had a few of those.  Ready to take on the world.

Yard Act to Follow Top

It’s not quite the same, but it’s good enough, I think.  Yard Act to Follow Top, ModCloth.

Vivacious Venture Skirt

The buttons are on the waist not down the front, and white instead of yellow, but they’re sure there.  Vivacious Venture Skirt, ModCloth.

Bracelets & Watches - Classic Company Watch

Practical and nice.  Classic Company Watch, ModCloth.

Earrings - Bring the Dazzle Earrings

Why not.  Bring the Drizzle Earrings, ModCloth.

Sunglasses - Jam Out and About Sunglasses

Yep.  Jam Out and About Sunglasses, ModCloth.

Unmatched Charm Flat in Black

And these just make sense for Peggy.  Unmatched Charm Flat in Black, ModCloth.

–your fangirl heroine.

sure jan


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