Whimsy Wednesday :: in which we drink, Bertheir and Koan reenact Frozen, and the power of love fixes everything.

6 May

Different intro!  Why not.  Intro that looks vaguely like a surrealist painting.

We’re going to play a drinking game tonight!  The rules:

  • -drink every time Chibi-Usa is vaguely incestuous with Mamoru
  • -drink every time Ami mentions school or homework
  • -drink every time Rubeus has a certain dynamic with his subordinates
  • -drink every time someone names an attack

Also, tonight is the chess episode.  This episode is very vivid in my memory.

“Conning and using people isn’t the only way!  Even if you get nothing in return, truly loving someone and helping each other is what is most important.  Humans possess a deep and abiding love.  That’s what I want you to understand.”

Oh, my.

Ami with her chess hobby because it’s an intellectual game.  I tried to learn chess when I was a kid, entirely because of this.  I totally failed at it.

Also I like the exposition about her being the junior champion of Japan.

“I will take credit for all their success… work hard for me until I no longer need you.”  DRINK.

Ami-chan and her cute little blush.

Also, you can tell Bertheir is problematic because the big white part of everyone else’s eyes is black in her eyes.

More exposition!  About Ami’s grandfather who was friends with this old man, so this old man is friends with Ami.  And now she’s talking about having such good friends!  Friendship.

“Go to hell!” Bertheir shouts as she mounts an attack of dark energy.  Bertheir kind of has my crazy cadence, tbh.  I like a slightly unhinged badass that giggles.

“She scarred my alabaster skin.  That really ticks me off.”

These older sisters are crazy bullies, man.

I also love that Bertheir shows up at the chess tournament wearing a chess-board-patterned dress.  And then hypnotizes the receptionist into a void.

“I’m the eccentric old man who built this chess tower.” Well, at least he’s honest.

“That girl.”  Who is obviously the same person as Bertheir.  Koan, maybe tell your new friends?

“They’re lovely.” Um, no, no they aren’t.

Well, Ami is very polite.

Fair point. They just look a bit like someone glued plastic jewels on them.

Transformation sequence.  Drink, drink, drink, drink.

“Not by a million-plus years!”

“Death is the only cure for fools!”

There’s an episode of Avatar that’s very much like this, except the “antagonist” turned out to not be after all. Not chess, but a series of tests.

Oh, Mars.  Don’t attack in the bubble.

“It’s crazy to die just to protect strangers.”  “No, it’s not… they’re my dear friends, and I’ll die to protect them.”  WELP OH NO

“Someone who doesn’t know what it’s like to be a pawn has no right to move the queen!” Thanks for that, Tuxedo Mask.

Berthier caught and turning the room to an icy wasteland because “love!  You don’t need love!”  koan is here to tell her otherwise, though!  “I understand your lonely heart.”

………………so, basically, Frozen.


This just in: Frozen stole its plot from an episode of Sailor Moon.

This is hilarious.

“Rubeus the Heartless: The Tragic Sisters.”  I’m drinking for that on principle.

Seriously.  Floating clocks, then running through a tunnel of wooden spoons or clock pendulums or something projected on doilies, waves, stars, SAILOR PLUTO, clouds, a sun dial thing, Crystal Tokyo etcetera.  What.

“…and trample on those who love you.”  I see.

Chibi-Usa calling Koan “aunty.”  Bertheir romanticizing nature and acknowledging the wrongness of their actions when working for Rubeus.  “We’re really happy just to have you as friends,” Ami says.

I half expected her to start singing, tbh.

Rubeus threatening Petz and Calaveras for their sisters’ actions.  I see.


Also what did potatoes ever do to any of you??

Did Usagi just shut Chibi-Usa in a closet?  No, she’s inside the temple.

Being surprised that everyone is everyone.


Is Chibi-Usa just watching them twirl in circles?  We may never knoooooow

“The air is filled with unusual energy.  It’s coming from the west,” Mercury deduces via her science glasses.

“That stick sure has awesome powers, though!”

“Now that you mention it, even your complexion looks better!” The important things.

Such priorities.

“We’ve realized the true nature of Black Moon, the Dark Moon Clan!”  And they’ve also learned the true nature of earth people and earth and people who not shitty.

Your friends.  Your gal pals, perhaps?

“She’s several times more powerful…”  time for Mercury to science her power stick and Venus to Love-Me Chain it but no so Burning Mandala but no so DRINK

many drink

“You mustn’t believe that man!”




is it Loki’s stick though?

“Being concerned for someone who’s hurt is the right thing to do.”  As the tinkly piano music and bubbles and stars in the background and wibble eyes and “we were wrong, weren’t we”

“Trash does get along well with trash.”


“She’s been possessed by the power of that stick!”  I SEEEEEEE

Combining their powers the magic of friendship YATTA

“I don’t… want your pity!”

Ugly laughter tbh



Is this a penis metaphor?

Oh here’s Tuxedo Kamen to inspire them to put their powers to gether to seal the crack between dimensions and if they destroy the stick by jumping into that hole this is getting very complicated.

SAILOR PLANET POWER the power of holding hands and being sparkly it will destroy the stick


RAINBOW OF DESTRUCTION but look, they’re out of the void!

Sailor Moon had the Silver Crystal?  UNTHINKABLE!  WHy would she ever?  …come on.

And now the four reformed sisters start a makeup stand.

–your fangirl heroines.

slightly booze


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