Music Monday :: my thoughts on Sprinter

27 Apr

Oh look someone else I’ve never heard of with the Sharon Von Etten name-drop in the description.

“Strange Hellos.”  So it’s starting spare and low and breathy and then exploding into grrl rock pretty straightforwardly.  That’s nice.  More grrl rock is never a bad thing.  “I love you all the same” and etcetera, this has a place and I’m not sure what it is yet but I’m all right with it for sure.  There’s some darkness here, too, but in a way that works for me.

“New Skin.”  I think this is just a season for low-voiced lady introspection.  Or there are probably other things going on but I don’t click on them because I… almost always click on things with lady voices.  I just like the sound of lady voices more, I guess.  I’m also getting lyrics really clearly from her, so that’s a plus.  This is definitely sinking-into-voids music, which I mean in a good way, I think.

“Son, You Are No Island.”  Well, that’s sure a title.  And that’s sure an introduction just brimming with more void-ness.  “You don’t get to choose what stays and goes.”  All right.  “Until your yes was yes and noes were noes.” All right.  Yes, this is just an album full of darkness and introspection and I approve wholeheartedly.

“A Proper Polish Welcome.”  Dropping reference to Poseidon, good job here.  This is yet another album that I’d have more serious things to say about once I’ve heard it more that once, because right now I’m rolling in the ambiance of it.  She doesn’t sound quite like anyone I’ve liveblogged lately and I like it.  “I wish I was the sea” and the like.  Also, percussion like mad, I’m super into it.

“Sprinter.”  All right, this one is more on the rock and roll to begin, good good.  The article accompanying the livestream had some notes on the context of this song, which are here (also there are notes on the term “confessional” applied to music in a gendered way), and that’s quite interesting.  This is just overall interesting.  “If there’s still time, I’ll choose the sun.”

“Cowboy Guilt.”  Ooh, bring this on.  It doesn’t sound like anything else on the album has so far, entirely.  “We drown our winter livers with bleary expectations” oh that’s a fun way of twisting words around.  I like when artists can make their lyrics sound just random and interesting.

“Ferris Wheel.”  Oh, it’s a seven minute song.  My favorite thing!  It’s really spare and thoughtful and I feel like I should be able to think of more to say for longer songs but usually I just drift off into them because it’s longer to like, maintain the atmosphere.

“The Harshest Light.”  And then it’s harder to get back into the mood of writing every random thought, because random thoughts are fewer and farther.  This is cool and interesting, though.  This is another A+ random NPR find for sure.

“The Exchange.”  Well this is spare and melancholy and uninstrumented and vaguely Gothic Americana.  Worth listening to intently, I think.

–your fangirl heroine.

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