Sundry Sunday :: a modern Goofus and Gallant

26 Apr

Such as this.

Goofus says “Hi ladies!” and “Hey dudes!”
Gallant understands that not everyone likes being referred to by gendered words, so he says “Hello, folks!” or “Hi everyone!”

Goofus compliments strangers on their bodies, which makes them feel objectified.
Gallant compliments strangers on things they have chosen, like their accessories or word choice, which makes them feel good.

Goofus tells jokes with sexist, racist, homophobic, or offensive punchlines, then says he’s just “being funny” and he doesn’t really mean it.
Gallant makes jokes about an absurd situation or pop culture references, or about groups of people who are not marginalized.

Goofus takes teasing too far without making sure the person he’s teasing thinks it’s funny too.
Gallant is careful to check with people to see if they like being teased, and if they say no, he stops teasing them.

Goofus makes everything all about him and doesn’t stop to consider others’ feelings.
Gallant is considerate of other people and asks before doing things that may affect them.

Goofus takes up all the space around him on the bus.
Gallant is careful to keep his body and belongings contained.

–your fangirl heroines.

she said sarcastically


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