Whimsy Wednesday :: in which nothing of consequence happens and then a bunch of things of consequence happens

22 Apr

“The Beach, the Island and a Vacation: The Guardians’ Break.”  Is this like the one about the sand and the beach and youth and ghosts?

Rei sweetie why are you wearing your temple clothes to the beach that seems like a horrible idea.

“I can get a lot of studying done!” Awww.

“You still haven’t finished your summer homework for today, have you?”  MOST PRECIOUS.

I’m really delighted by the cats participating in the attempt to foil Rei’s plan, too.

“The emerald green sea.”  That is… not green.

I also like that they’re all swimming different strokes.

What was that slow sparkly pan-up of Rei and Minako though.

Just gals palling around, obviously.

The senshi fight… evil sharks?  I don’t remember this episode being a thing even remotely.



Serendipity is taking her to a… beach cave?  While Luna-P turns into a… propeller? Because that works the same way on Serendipities as it does on boats??

Poor Serendipity got an ouchy from a shark bite while trying to save Chibi-Usa.  BABY SERENDIPITY NUZZLING BABY MOON PRINCESS.

It’s so cute omg.

“Where could your mommy be?  Well, I’m here, so there’s nothing to worry about.”  Kirin like a giraffe oh I’m so happy this is so stupidly cute what the hell.

For those of you who are wondering, when I say a Serendipity I mean this.  Technically Serendipity was a dragon, not a weird sea creature thing, but it looked enough like this guy that I’m getting similarity vibes.  And no, I don’t remember why I remember Serendipity.  I just do.

Is that smoke from the rainforest a signal for help?  No, it’s a barbeque that appeared out of nowhere.

Well obviously her little Luna-head…transformed in

Aw fuck, Mommy Serendipity is here.  To take Kirin back to its lair, but Kirin is here to tackle Chibi-Usa instead.

…well this is happening.  This sure is a volcano happening on Serendipity Island.

Yes, girls, you had better transform to stop the… natural disaster.  That will work.

“I’ll never forgive you if you die!”


Yes, Mars, throwing fireballs at the volcano will help.

Yes, Venus, ensnaring – oh she’s ensnaring a rock, okay that makes marginally more sense.

This is one time where Mercury’s powers are actually the most useful, tbh.

Oh, so Kirin and his mommy are dinosaurs, allegedly.

“I think they’re leaving to find a more peaceful place to live.”  Apt observation, Ami.

Stained glass bunny window during imaginary Usagi/Mamoru wedding.  With their horrible, horrible wedding outfits.  And why did they pop champagne in the church that makes no sense.

It also makes no sense why she puts hairbows on her buns to sleep.

Awkward closeup on baby butt.

Ten is still pretty old to be wetting the bed, probably.

“When the sun rises at the break of dawn” when else would it do?

I’ve always thought it’s kind of lame that Usagi gets to grow up and be a queen and wear, like, ballgowns, while the senshi just continue to wear their nonsensical sailor suits forever.

Why is Usagi trying to rug-beat the pee out of her bed?

Chibi-Usa’s memory of her mom conveniently standing behind the curtain of her canopy bed so you can’t tell it’s future~Usagi even though you can totally tell.  Also, future!Usagi gets wings.  The other girls should get wings too.  Or some cool shit like that.

I’m still wondering who thought it was a good idea to send a child who is either still in single digits or barely out of them back in time on a crucial mission.

With only a bouncy cat-head-shaped ball for companionship and mentoring, no less.

Oop here’s Berthier in her leotard and uh… very specific boots and Koan in her weird demon tutu to crowd Chibi-Usa from either side.  Foiled again by the bouncy cat-head-shaped ball, though.  And the actual cat.

And they took the time to fix their makeup before chasing her! As you do.

I really like that Luna is baaaasically Ami’s cat.

And Artemis is cleaning her wounds for her.

This episode has much vague exposition.

I’m also deciding this is a good point to wonder about where on their persons they keep their various senshi paraphernalia when not in use.

I like how the sisters have to call roll.

But wait, here are their opposite-numbers to also call roll.  And strike better poses.

Well, that’s how you know it’s a cartoon. Roll calls and pose-striking.

Battle scene!  Complete with J-pop song.  Everyone facing their direct opposite numbers.

Also, “the Black Moon Clan” and “the Moon of Darkness” sound like bad punk bands.

Such drama.

So these villains are basically serving the same narrative role as the Terminator in the first movie.

I like that Tuxedo Mask’s cape is apparently invulnerable.

Also, it’s very convenient that there is always a random very large construction site somewhere in the Juban District.

–your fangirl heroines.

polite know-it-all


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