Sarcastic Saturday :: discussing troublesome commercials, part nineteen of howevermany.

18 Apr

(a man is jogging down the street, and a woman’s voice can be heard.)
Woman: I love you, I love you, I love you…
(the jogger turns the corner, revealing a woman curled up in the fetal position attached to his back.)
Woman: I love you, I love you…
Man: No one likes a clinger. 
(he jogs up to a toilet on the sidewalk.)
Man: That’s why I use the American Standard VorMax flushing system.  The new VorMax cleans ten times better than conventional toilets.
(the logo and a toilet are shown on a white backdrop.  The man’s head pops out of the toilet.)
Man: It’s clean.

This one was actually pointed out to me by someone, with the simple analysis: “it’s comparing a cute young woman to a piece of shit.”  I hadn’t seen the ad, and didn’t for another couple of weeks, but when I did…

Yep.  It’s comparing a cute young woman to a piece of shit.

Not only is this disgusting, it’s a fairly blatant double standard.  The idea that’s at least sometimes perpetrated is that if a man should tell a woman repeatedly how much he cares for her, etcetera, the woman should either immediately fall for it or eventually give into it.  Perseverance in men is lauded, ignoring the idea that a woman just might not be up for it.  (Honestly, this is why things like the loathsome friend zone exist: the friend zone is based on the notion that sexual/romantic attention can essentially be purchased by a certain number of “good deeds” and/or compliments.)  But the moment a woman doesn’t take no for an answer, well, she’s a piece of shit.

Just something to think about.

–your fangirl heroine.

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