Television Tuesday :: Justified.

14 Apr

I’ve been watching Justified since it began, and like… just about everything that I’ve been watching for the past bunch of years, it’s just come to an end.  (I feel like there is some great significant life feeling to be had here, but honestly, most of my shows that have already ended I’ve been ready to see them go given how things have turned out I’m really not kidding I’m not getting over True Blood I’m really sorry you guys.)  I know I don’t talk about it much, because I just… don’t.  It’s always been a consistent source of enjoyment for me, though, not my most favorite but not my least favorite by far.

Now, my people and I started watching this show because of one reason, and that reason is Timothy Olyphant.  We love him from Deadwood and we think it’s completely hilarious that he seems to only play two varieties of role (psycho criminal and law enforcement officer) and we just… love him.  (Doesn’t hurt that my mother and I can agree on him being a rather becoming fellow.)  And to be sure, he’s always been in fine form on Justified: Raylan is a much snarkier asshole than Seth (who, bless him, is also a bit of an asshole at times, but in a different way) and rather more openly philandering, he’s got a wryer sense of humor and less of a werewolf guilt complex, but nonetheless he’s interesting enough that I’ve never begrudged him his existence like I’ve gradually started to do with, say, Don Draper.  I’ve rolled my eyes at him sometimes (his ineffable penchant for blondes, for example) but I’ve usually at least liked him overall.

He’s not the reason I stuck around, though.  While I think that Walton Goggins’ Boyd is masterfully acted and written, and Joelle Carter’s Ava has always been compelling, it’s a few of the side characters that have held my attention most.  Though Loretta (Kaitlyn Dever) was really a tertiary character, mostly tethered to the second and last seasons, I always had a fondness for her, probably because I have this residual fondness for sassy teenage girls that comes from my days of being a teenage girl who desperately wanted to be sassy.

The great joys of the show for me have always been Tim (Jacob Pitts) and Rachel (Erica Tazel), though.  Raylan’s fellow deputy marshals, they’ve always been a grounding force for the narrative, and a source of blessed sass of different ways as well.  Tim is this gift of a man, completely snarky and oddly self-aware, never gross, just brilliant; Rachel takes no shit from anyone and runs this town and she’s a WOC high-ranking law enforcement officer whose plot was always her own.  The greatest disappointment of this show for me has always been that there hasn’t been enough Tim and Rachel.

And as a finale episode?  Well, I admit that I was expecting it to follow the tradition of late: semi-tragic white man sacrifices himself for… something in the show’s final scenes.  (No, but seriously.  It’s the Breaking Bad formula.  Also followed at the least by True Blood and Sons.  Probably by other things.)  I was expecting shootouts and deaths, at least one that would make me angry.  Instead, I got things handled by proper legal procedure, then a Four Years Later (which, I admit, when I saw that I actually groaned, because I am exhausted with time jumps) that actually wound up being sort of sweet and slightly implication-filled in a way I wouldn’t have predicted but that actually makes sense the more I think about it.

So, good job, show.  You never disappointed.

–your fangirl heroine.

sunshine smile


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