Music Monday :: my thoughts on Ivy Tripp

13 Apr

This is by a band known as Waxahatchee, and I have never heard of them but I keep seeing the album cover on Spotify and whatnot so why not.

“Breathless.”  Also, when I clicked on her related artists on Spotify, Sharon Von Etten and St. Vincent were both there.  That makes sense to me with the way this song is starting, electric noise and raw vocals.  It’s the sort of style that I hear and I’m not entirely listening for anything other than ambiance, but the ambiance here.  The ambiance, incidentally, is indie coming-of-age movie.  “I’m not trying to have it all” and the like.

“Under a Rock.”  This is the sort of raw grungy-rock lady stuff that reminds me of being in high school.  I had a friend in high school, have I told this story before I don’t remember, she decided I was emotionally stunted by only listening to, like, Vanessa Carlton and oldies, so she burned me a billion CDs.  None of them sounded exactly like this, because they weren’t this, but the ambiance was there.

“Poison.”  I have no intelligent commentary.  This is cute.  This sounds like a girl should be wearing overalls and sitting in a tire swing crankily.

“La Loose.”  Drumbeat that sounds like a Metric song.  Like an early Metric song.  It’s cute.  The vocals have that like… unprocessed 90s sound to them.  It’s nostalgia for a generation that I was just marginally too young to be a part of.  Very cute.

“Stale by Noon.”  I KNOW WHAT THIS REMINDS ME OF.  It reminds me of the Blow.  Not, like, exactly, but her voice has a similar quality.

“The Dirt.”  There’s been a lot of talk on tumblr lately about trash, like well-intended, aesthetic trash and trash kings and “I am literal trash” and I’m not sure how it started but it definitely started.  This seems like it goes with that.  This sounds like the song of a literal aesthetic trash princess, meant in the tumblr way with love.

“Blue.”  There are hints of Rilo Kiley in this, too.  Rilo Kiley and the Blow and I’m not sure what else but it’s this mood that’s not even retro enough to be vintage but it’s not quite of right now.

“Air.”  I don’t have intelligent commentary for most of this.  I’m not sure how much I’m going to go back and listen to it again, simply because I’m not always in a 90s indie girl grunge mood, but it’s good at what it is.  I’m not 100% where the St. Vincent relation is, because St. Vincent is a little weirder than this, generally, but I like this overall.

“<.”  Yep.  Still getting the trash princess vibe.  Trash princess goes to summer camp, maybe.  There’s a slight dissonance here, but it works.  I think that’s where the summer camp part is coming from.

“Grey Hair.”  I’m mostly just sitting back and listening to this.  It’s a trash princess love song, maybe?

“Summer of Love.”  Oh, here’s the Sharon Von Etten, a little.  This one is significantly strummier than the others have been, anyway.

“Half Moon.”  And here’s the melancholy sort of ballad number.  This definitely sounds like high school to me, which is weird because I didn’t actually do that much melancholy in high school, but it just seems… like the kind of song that would fit that place in one’s life.

“Bonfire.”  Longish intro of guitar noises and guitar.  Not ending on the melancholy or on the ballad or the strumminess, all right.  She’s singing kind of slow, but there’s a deliberate quality to this that really works.  More indie coming-of-age film.  At a summer camp.  I don’t know why this sounds like summer camp.  I don’t think I’ve ever even seen a film that significantly featured summer camp besides, like, Moonrise Kingdom and the Sleepaway Camp films and both Parent Trap iterations.  But that’s how it seems.

–your fangirl heroine.

aw rats


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