Fashion Friday :: once more.

10 Apr

So, I interrupt the MCU etymology series to bring you the last round of by-week Mad Men fashion.  This week, attempted hipster versions of the ladies’ promo dresses/outfits.  Shoes not included because none are visible.

Betty’s (January Jones):

A Classy of Its Own Dress in Floral

With bonus Westerosi halter.  A Classy Of Its Own Dress in Floral, ModCloth.

Joan’s (Christina Hendricks):

Heart Grows Frond-er Dress

Or… good enough.  Heart Grows Frond-Er Dress, ModCloth.

Peggy’s (Elisabeth Moss):

All-Around Allure Dress

The sleeveless, non-tiered version.  All-Around Allure Dress, ModCloth.

Megan’s (Jessica Paré):

Art Walk the Walk Top

Or, a suitable, non-crop-top/bell-bottom alternative.   Art Walk the Walk Top, ModCloth.

–your fangirl heroine.

oh ho


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