Sundry Sunday :: ECCC, day 3.

29 Mar

And first general pictures from the rest of the convention.  Because other people make kickass costumes too!

This is a picture of me with the only other plainclothes Peggy I saw.  By plainclothes I mean not in some variety of the military outfit or the blue suit/red hat combination from the first episode and promotional photography.  I saw dozens of either of those varieties, many of them wonderful, but there were no other alternative varieties.  So obviously, I had to take a picture with this one.

And then on Saturday, when Jemma, I got it in my mind that I wanted to take a picture fangirling over a Peggy.  When I found a Peggy, though, I wasn’t actually with any of my people so there was nobody to take the photo.  “Selfie?” this kind Peggy suggested.  So this is my fangirling selfie face, I guess.

I saw this Nick Fury and asked for a photograph.  “Oh!  Are you Jemma?” he asked.  He was the first person I’d spoken to all weekend who called her by her first name, and this was important to me, so while the ecstatic smile on my face is in character, it is also because I was genuinely happy.


Some of the excellent Game of Thrones costumes I saw.

And speaking of Game of Thrones!  My everything friend in the Ygritte costume (with a bow and arrow set I recently modded), another friend in the Oberyn costume, and me in the updated Dany costume.  More on this later, and also pardon my face, I don’t have any other pictures of the other two from today on my own camera.

And these two as Bucky and Tasha.

ANYWAY.  Quick highlights: Chloe (who acknowledged our Skimmons enthusiastically and appreciated crafts thoroughly), Hayley (who was generally beautiful and sweet), Gina (who is a goddess), Finn Jones (who poor buddy was often lonely and thoroughly seemed delighted by the flower crown I gave him).  Panels were nice, walking was nice, seeing things was nice.  I saw a lot of costumes that I was incredibly impressed by but did not understand well enough to take a picture.  I made many line friends.  It was pleasant.

–your fangirl heroine.


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