Spectacular Summaries Saturday :: ECCC, , days 1 and 2.

28 Mar

Hi, friends.  So it’s been… a weekend!  The hotel internet is, ah… not useful for photo uploads.  So, here are both yesterday and today’s photos.

Yesterday, she was the Winter Soldier.

Today, she was the Summer Soldier.

Yesterday, I was Peggy Carter.  (More on the details of my costumes later this week.)

Today, I was Jemma Simmons.  Again.

Yesterday, my drift partner was Angie.

Today, she was Skye.  Again.

Yesterday, my everything friend was Dottie Underwood.

Today, she was season one Buffy Summers.

All of the other people cosplays will be posted tomorrow.  In a giant post that also details happenings of the convention.

–your fangirl heroine,



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