Music Monday :: my thoughts on Kintsugi

23 Mar

Hello, Death Cab.  Been a while, missed y’all.  Like, of the guy singer-band-derivations I follow everywhere, they’re fifth on a list of five, but I do enjoy them and they’re useful and nice.

“No Room in Frame.”  Like there’s something just so… standard and calming about Death Cab.  Some of the songs stand out, most of them are part of a general sense of comfort and niceness.  Slightly moody niceness, but still.  It’s just… it’s a vibe.  I don’t know.

“Black Sun.”  I’ve heard this one previewtracked on the radio and I super like it.  It’s all lyrically appropriate and “whiskey in the water” and “beauty in a failure” and “grace within forgiveness” and a lot of general ambiance that I approve of wholeheartedly.  It’s good driving in the dark music.

“The Ghosts of Beverly Drive.”  Well, I like music ghosts.  Except… oh, oops.  I think I just felt something.  This is so chipper given the subject matter.  Oh, oops.  “You wanna teach but not be taught, I wanna sell but not be bought, so let us not be lonesome, so let us not be lonesome, lost in between our needs and wants” oh dear.  This is rather lovely, but I’m emoting.

“Little Wanderer.”  I’m just trancing through this album.  Also, “when the network overloads.”  Gosh.  I’m not having any intelligent thoughts about this album but I’m liking it quite a lot.  And oh, “when we kiss in the baggage claim.”  That sounds cute.

“You’ve Haunted Me All My Life.”  More ghosts?  There’s a little more twang to this, though Ben Gibbard’s voice uh, does not tilt Gothic Americana at all, ever.  It’s still very nice though!  “You are the mistress I can’t make a wife.”

“Hold No Guns.”  Is Pacific Northwest Gothic a thing?  If so, this might suit.  There’s a sparseness that suits, though it’s not quite the same kind of dark twang as other Gothic Americana.  I’m interested in this.  “As numbers change and people fall, friends they always splinter” oh no oops feelings again.

“Everything’s a Ceiling.”  Oh it got 80s all of a sudden.  More, like, John Hughes 80s than tinsel-electronica, but definitely there.  Death Cab is very 21st century John Hughes.  That’s a very appropriate description of their vibe.

“Good Help (Is So Hard to Find).”  This is also 80s.  I’m grooving on this, it’s very pleasant.  I haven’t gotten any particular deep vibes from this, but I’m liking it.

“El Dorado.”  Wow, no deep feelings at all but it’s damn nice to listen to.  It’s good neutral pleasant vibes.  It’s good on soundtracks, I expect.  It sets a feeling. There’s wistfulness but not particular moodiness, hope but not, like, longing.  It’s pleasant.

“Ingénue.”  Also pleasant!  Also nice.  It’s one of the songs that sounds like he’s singing through a speaker within the speaker, which is a slightly different sort of ambiance but one that feels very familiar with Death Cab stuff.

“Binary Sea.”  Zoning, zoning, so pleasant.

–your fangirl heroine.



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