Theatre Thursday :: our thoughts on Guys and Dolls

19 Mar

Beginning with a note from my drift partner, who shared this uh… experience with me.

While I’m familiar with theater, of course, this was my first “real” Broadway show. (I’ve been to local community productions and one of my favorite memories is of seeing a college production of Rent with my best friend’s conservative Southern mother, who had no idea what it was actually about.) So while I sort of knew what to expect, this was a new experience in its own way.

And with that, I present… a list.  Of thoughts.

6. I am not even particularly into Guys and Dolls and I still… know most of the words.  This somewhat alarms me.

5. That said, the songs… are very of their time, but in general not actually that noteworthy, and that’s a weird realization when you hear how “classic” a thing is then realize… not so much.

4. The actors were certainly having a good time.

3. Stylized vocabulary of the 1930s to early 1950s makes me giggle for personal reasons, except for when it makes me cringe.

2. When you’re used to the name Sky/e because it’s the name of one of your favorite characters, but that Skye is a girl, getting used to a boy called Sky is sort of jarring.

1. This show doesn’t make heterosexuality look like any fun for women, at all.

–your fangirl heroines.

your logic it is failing

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