Television Tuesday :: Deadwood cocktails because I did the thing.

17 Mar

By which I mean, I wanted a damn drink so I made a damn drink.  And then I made another one.  And they were pretty so I named them after my beloved happy queer girls.


1 shot apple pie liqueur
2 shots cinnamon whiskey
2 shots whiskey whiskey
Dr. Pepper

“What should the base for this be?” I asked one of my people, surveying the liquor I had gathered to be a part of this drink. She gave me a look.  “Well, it can’t just be more whiskey,” I said, “although that would be accurate.”  “It should be Dr. Pepper!” she said.  “Oh, yeah, we have that right now!” I exclaimed.  “Because she’s friends with the doc!” my person shouted.


1 shot apple pie liqueur
1 shot grape pucker
1 shot strawberry pucker
1 shot raspberry liqueur
Cranberry ginger ale

I was basically just pouring fruit flavors in trying to mix colors, and once I had a color I liked I decided I would call it Joanie.

–your fangirl heroine.

pushing zydrate


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