Whimsy Wednesday :: in which love and friendship perplex aliens.

11 Mar

The noise the scepter makes just fills me with warm fuzzies.

Is this like…Sailor Moon, Memento edition?

I don’t actually remember this one, so I can’t say.  Possibly it just started with an unimportant attack to establish their… anger?  Or something?

Poor maligned Haruna-sensei.

I also love when things take place in a world where people can say things like “the language of our planet” but not be taken seriously, even though they should be.

“Usagi, mark my words, I will steal your heart.”  NOPE.

I find it very funny that they shut up the cats by shoving them into a duffel bag.

Which they will then sneak into the movies.  Best plan.

Also, one of the worksheets has the example phrase “Our teacher uses that desk.” Because it’s translucent and kind of hard to read at first glance, I thought it was “Our teacher was that drunk.”

That just made me laugh out loud.

Also, Ail and An have like… the longest, worst mullets.

These aliens have very, uh, wonky priorities.

This Cardian has a very short attention span.

This one seems to be the ADD Cardian.

Haruna-sensei is also not a particularly responsible teacher sometimes, forgetting her students in detention.  Doesn’t mean she ought to be monster bait, but that’s her general purpose in the show.

“Disturbing the peaceful lives of these birds is a serious crime!” Whatever you say.

“You are a worthy arch rival, Usagi Tsukino.”  If only you kneeeeeewwwww~

And I like how apparently Usagi’s parents aren’t worried about her or anything. Seeing as THE MOON’S OUT.

Nope!  She just gets midnight detention enough that it must be normal.

Also their telepathy represented by… pulse lines between their foreheads.

“I’ll put an end to this, so give me a break.”

“I have no power! Maybe I studied too hard.” I know that feel, Usagi.

“A wicked world is where the wicked belong.”

Their arms around each other.  This is so heterosexual.

Also, I can’t wait until season three when Neptune and Uranus show up and it’s actually non-heterosexual.  That’s going to be so fun.

“Disconnecting Love: the Raging Makai Tree.”

Ail-slash-Seijuro, stop trying to steal Usagi’s heart.  An-slash-Natsumi, stop trying to steal Mamoru’s heart.  That’s not how hearts work.

The tree is wilting.  What a sad visual metaphor.  Or something.


Giant flower petals that land on people’s heads.  I feel like the people of Tokyo really should have figured out that something is up.  “Naru was hit again!”  Yes, yes she was.

Yes, Ami, it is different.  It’s getting serious business.

Usagi, why do you think that you are friends with Natsumi.  “Matching outfits.  That’s weird for a brother and sister!”  Also, I like that matching outfits are more like boyfriend and girlfriend.  In what universe?

“Maybe we’re closer than most siblings.”

“And if you miss school, you’ll fall behind in your studies!” Awww.

“An, do you have a warm feeling in your heart?”

“I was conducting an experiment!”  In “astro-botany.”

Aliens and robots feeling warm gushy feelings and going WHAT THE FUCK is one of my favorite things.

The sapling grew from Usagi not because of energy but because of looooove.

“Trees don’t talk” said the alien.

Why, that is a sample of an alien tree THAT YOU CAN ANALYZE.

“I discovered something very bad,” says Luna.

“After studying it carefully, we found something very terrible,” Artemis says.

“It’s a mysterious, energy-sucking tree from outer space.  That’s all anyone really knows, though,” explains Luna.

I also like that they figure these guys out in just one fell swoop.

Yes, Mamoru, it is an evil monster.  Time to learn about your mysterious moon planet past.  Or something.  Maybe.

I like that Usagi apparently snuck into the apartment without being detected.

I also like that nobody thinks it’s weird that two middle school students live in a penthouse apartment alone.

Oh, no, the Makai Tree is combusting out of internal angst!

Oh no, it’s the Angry Molesting Tree!

I think the people who made this do not know what fourteen year olds look like.

Well, it was made in Japan. Just sayin’.

Yeah, but I think that this show might be partially responsible for why I have misguided perceptions of what people are supposed to look like at different ages.

–your fangirl heroines.

old people suck

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