Sarcastic Saturday :: a note regarding the “personal” side of tumblr

7 Mar

This actually isn’t sarcastic at all, but I figure it counts because there was a time in my life where I would have said this with a self-effacing shrug and a gentle roll of my eyes.  Hell, in some contexts I would still do this, because old habits die hard and it’s easier when you’re pretending it isn’t as much a thing as it is.

A lot of why that sort of downplaying is a habit for me is that I’m used to feeling like other people won’t be as interested in my business (joys or problems either way) as I am in theirs.  Some of this is from experience, some of it is just from general brain anxieties.  I’m not sure.  But that comes full-circle around to the whole point of this point.

The more personal side of tumblr, which is to say everything I see that’s not fandom/politics/pictures of fuzzy animals/food/whatever, which is to say mostly text posts, has surprised me sometimes.  I see these posts about really basic things, like advice about self-care and general sympathy and encouragement for dealing with tough situations (school, work, personal health, family, friends, romance, personal orientations, social issues, etcetera), and at first it sort of awed me because — how did they know?  They, the poster.  How could they know what advice I might need or want to see on a given day?

Well, they didn’t, obviously.  It’s just good, sound advice for dealing with things that more people than just me go through.  It’s better advice than I’ve gotten from a lot of my “real life” friends in the past, it’s more honest and even than what I might find in a book, and it’s put out there by strangers just because they want other people they’ve never met to feel better.  That’s magical and I’m very grateful.

–your fangirl heroine.



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