Music Monday :: my thoughts on Most of the Boys

2 Mar

I do not know who Sasha Siem is, but it said “chamber orchestra meets pop music,” so I’m up for giving it a try.

“Most of the Boys.”  This… doesn’t sound so much like chamber orchestra as European baroque noise pop, but that’s fun, too.  I like that, generally.  “She knows not to believe in the feeling of attraction, it’s just a chemical reaction working to deceive her into acting like she needs it when really she wants to be free.”  That’s something.  Yep.  Sasha Siem is British-Norwegian.  That sounds about right.

“Kind Man’s Kiss.”  She’s got that sort of like… hummingbird voice that Euro girls have sometimes, and between that and the vaguely plucky weird instrumentals, it’s sort of whimsical and not-quite-happy fun.

“Proof.”  Oh no it’s got violins and percussion like rainstorms, this is great.  Oh, stitches and itches and twitches, how Sondheim.

“So Polite.”  Oh gosh, I really like this!  This is vaguely punk cabaret, too.  I’m into it.  I’m sure I’ll be able to use at least one of these songs in the near future.  “People haven’t asked me and I just stay quiet ’cause we’re all so polite.”  This uh.  I’m feeling things, shit.

“Knots and do-nots.”  “You are the best at untying and retying knots and do-nots” and I’m not sure I am in the place for this right now oh gosh.  This is dark and making me feel things.

“Seamy Side.”  Well, so far she’s writing fairly straight lyrics, but the sentiments are interesting and the instrumentation is just really cool and I really want to plug her into Spotify and see who else comes up?  I’m getting shades of Regina Spektor and Bitter Ruin and St. Vincent and all of this is A+ good business in my opinion.

“Silence.”  Tiny track!

“Tug of War.”  Such orchestra.  Strings make me feel tingly inside, honestly.  Especially when they’re dark and moody like this.  This is probably what Shilo Wallace listens to while she’s studying butterflies or whatever.

“So Go.”  “We know no end to love, we know no end to pain.”  This is 100% Shilo Wallace butterfly music.  I think I’ve just come up with an entirely new genre classification and that makes me happy.  It’s dark but it’s also got that aforementioned hummingbird quality and I’m glad.

“See Through.”  Yep.  This is totally Apocalyptica.  I dig on it so much.  Cellooooooo.  Goooooosh.  I’m collapsing into this, it’s beautiful.

“My Friend.”  Oh, this sounds like some vaguely alternative Pride and Prejudice sort of thing, maybe.  Austen at least.  I’m into it.  All the sweeping orchestra.  “With my hand on your heart” and all, that’s lovely.

“Valentine.”  As usual, my comments are petering out toward the end because I really just want to listen to the layers of sound.  What a nice album this is.

–your fangirl heroine.

smug little techie


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