Music Monday :: my thoughts on Ten Love Songs

23 Feb

So Susanne Sundfør is one of those who I’ve heard a few of her songs on mix albums and stuff but not much else.  So here’s a new album why not let’s try it.  She’s Norwegian and melancholy.

“Darlings.”  Yep.  Many melancholy here.  It’s pretty and doubtlessly effective, and her voice does interesting things, but tonally it seems like even more of a bummer than it probably is.  But oh, look, there’s a heavenly chorus.

“Accelerate.”  This is much less melancholy from the get-go.  There’s crazy space percussion.  (It is space percussion because every so often it is joined by a vaguely ominous xylophone.)  This starts with the line “Many people will get hurt” and continues on in a similarly ominous, vaguely 80s kicking-asses fashion.  This sort of feels like it should be Sailor Moon.  I like it a lot.

“Fade Away.”  More 80s.  This one is more of a teen movie than Sailor Moon, though.  It’s not particularly ominous.  There’s such 80s resurgence in vaguely indie lately.  This one is almost happy, actually, or tonally it sounds so.  Also, synthesizer.

“Silencer.”  Now we’re veering back into melancholy.  Though this is more in the Opheliaesque lost-maiden sort of way, which is appropriate because I just sort of drowned in it.  In a good way.

“Kamikaze.”  That is a strange title for what is allegedly a love song.  And it started melancholy and then exploded into 80s.  It legitimately sounds like Sailor Moon transformation music, but I mean that with affection.  That’s wacky and fun.  And surprise harpsichord always makes things fun.

“Memorial.”  Oh, it’s starting out with a creepy children’s choir.  That’s always a telling sign.  Also, this one is going to be a ten-minute jam.  It’s a wistful sort of jam and primarily a classically-influenced instrumental one, which is a lot of fun to listen to.

“Delirious.”  This is like… so 80s it sounds like Rainbow Brite.  I feel like I could make an entire Rainbow Brite soundtrack out of the random albums I review on Monday nights.  “My victim number one.”  She’s ripping into this one, I quite like it.

“Slowly.”  WHOA it was Ophelia and now it’s space again.  Ophelia in space?  That should probably be a thing.  I spent this entire track just imagining Hamlet in space.  Oops.

“Trust Me.”  The slow songs have their place, I’m sure, and they’re pretty, but I’m finding myself spacing out during them, more so than the other.  In a good way, though.  I do enjoy this.  It’s just not making me think a lot of deep thoughts.

“Insects.”  Oh, what a piece of space pop this is!  I think this entire album is possibly vaguely space Hamlet and I like that.

–your fangirl heroine.

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