Whimsy Wednesday :: in which babies are frightening and Rei has fangirls.

18 Feb


Because stealing energy from kindergarteners still wasn’t young enough.  Time to steal energy from LITERAL BABIES!!!

Babies are terrifying.

Oh, I see we’re getting right to it with the energy-stealing monster!

And the monster just goes away like “huh okay now.”

Ah yes, I seem to remember Mamoru being in some stage of receiving medical training, and I definitely remember that that was Ami’s eventual endgame goal.

I find it odd that they’re like “let’s steal more fresh, newborn energy” when at least half of those babies were probably a year old. Or maybe not quite that old, but not “newborn.”

Practical Ami here to give you the practical information about the terrifying undertaking at hand.

“I’ll pass.” SAME, AMI.

I continue to be entirely 100% Ami.

I like how the LITERAL INFANT can apparently process the idea that Usagi likes Mamoru.

Well, they’re soulmates from a past millennium.  Maybe it… shows?

I just.  Tiny tiny baby cartoon “wee-wee.”  This is something new.

I am kind of amused by the cartoon pointing out that it’s pretty much impossible to tell what gender a baby is because they all look pretty much the same at that age.

You can tell she’s angry because she’s walking with her elbows out.

“Did they consummate their love?  Unforgivable.”

YOU WOULD EVER DO THAT THOUGH.  You do in the future.  That’s only a few episodes from now basically.

I’m laughing so much. These children have NO CONCEPT OF BIOLOGY. Although I suppose the alien can be forgiven.

“Does that mean your one-sided love is doomed to fail?”  Mako-chan, you tease rough.

“Yuck, I don’t like this girl!”  Yes, the baby has a good radar for business that is magical.  And literally just peed in her face.

And then she tried to feed him and he did it again and she dropped him. I don’t blame him at all!

What a magical moment they have shared.

I really love Ami’s sneaky whispers, too.

She’s upped her game, the Cardian has.  Now she’s got the babies in bubbles.

I’m a bad person, but um, Marvel sells stupid little rubber characters that come in little balls just like those and I’m laughing.

“Sunday is when families should be enjoying time together!”  Then… why are the babies… all at nursery school without their families.

BUBBLE SPRAY FREEZING.  Babygirl just acquired a new power with her intense anger over the injured babies.

“Manami-chan!  How have you been doing in the care of these complete strangers who happened to see you get attacked by a monster?”

Yeah, seriously. What a shitty hospital. Unless the mother had literally no next-of-kin…and even then I would think they’d want one of the employees to take him home. Oh well.

Ah yes, the… flying vampire mermaid here to ruin the talent show.

Wow, these amulets seem legit.

“The School Festival Is For Me?! Queen Rei’s Song” is one of the funniest titles I’ve seen in a while.

Wow, that shot of Rei surrounded by bubbles and sparkles was very heterosexual.

The shot of the schoolgirls blushing and fangirling over her while surrounded by hearts was even more so.

Ah Rei.  Stage-managing, starring in, and writing the school festival.  She is the Tommy Wiseau of the school festival.

Aw Rei, beating herself up over creating music and then lying about it.

See, this is weird to me, because if something’s given me that much trouble, I’m going to be like THIS TOOK ME HOURS YOU’D BETTER APPRECIATE HOW MUCH EFFORT I PUT INTO IT.

Well, yes, but that’s not really Rei’s way.  She’d rather look tough and cool.

The Fashion Design Club hijacking Ail and An for their alien themed fashion show.  This is so legit.  This is how procedure works.

Also, how rude is that? “You two look just like aliens, PERFECT.” I mean they didn’t say as much, but that was the implication.

“Just you wait and see, Earthlings…”  Many legit.

Also, that was some weird Jaws-esque music.

All the fellow students fangirling over her.  She must be the shit.

My Cardian sense is tingling!

There is no way that people would actually be able to fit under the seats in a school auditorium.   Unless Japan’s school auditoriums are way swankier.

Their dramatic poses look so uncomfortable sometimes.

Electric bubbles!!

Time for Rei to transform and get her new attack.

“You ruined my recital and stole energy from my fans! Those are terrible crimes!” Indeed.

Does the Moonlight Knight just say words and hope they make sense?  Also, what romance is he referring to?  The one of Rei and her fangirls?

I was just about to say…

‘Cause, being honest, if she was a boy they’d be calling her “senpai” no question

Ah yes!  Fire Soul Bird.  Probably my favorite of the second-level attacks.

That’s awesome.

“Don’t ever forget the light that shines in your heart.”

I wish they would translate the song lyrics.

Yeah, that would be nice. I wanna know what the end result of all that work was.

For a second I thought Ami and Minako were sitting there holding hands.

SPEAKING OF ROMANCE. Wow. This final scene, man.

–your fangirl heroine.

this actually means everything so


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