Fashion Friday :: my always queen.

13 Feb

daenerys targaryen (emilia clarke)

I wasn’t finding any maxi dresses I liked to replicate Dany’s (Emilia Clarke) longer Meereneese dresses, which is a bummer because I know those really well now, too.  So instead I present, like, rebel-edge take no shit socialite Dany.

Trust me when I say this dress also has a rather noticeable cutout in the back.  It’s short and kicky and demure enough to pass at those sorts of downtown parties that Sansa and Margaery and everyone were attending, but she’s the one with attitude.  Namesake Cocktail Dress in Navy, ModCloth.

Graphic Tights

But she’s doing it with attitude.  Graphic Tights, DKNY.

Laid-back in Action Boot

I will point out that of course the year after I need them, gray boots with straps on them are everywhere to be found.  (Game of Thrones‘ influence on fashion, part one thousand.)  Laid Back in Action Boot, ModCloth.

Visibility Oak Jacket in White

The reverse side of her cloak is neutral-white.  This is how I am justifying this.  Visibility Oak Jacket in White, ModCloth.

Cameo Charm Bracelet

She’s dressing up for other people, a little bit, and playing with their ideas of what she perhaps ought to be, hence the ironically-worn lady-face.  Cameo Charm Bracelet, ModCloth.

–your fangirl heroine.

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