Whimsy Wednesday :: in which new attacks all around and some toys I had as a kid.

11 Feb

I vaguely remember this one?  I don’t remember the drama of it, but I remember that it was a thing, sort of.

That was also a very low-energy intro scene.

“But isn’t it still cold at night this time of year?” Ami-chan and her practical concerns.


And zipped into a bag!

I was going to say, I bet he doesn’t eat any of that lunch she packed for him.

Lunch food banter.  Look at all the silly nonsense things that girls can converse about.  I’m starting to feel the need to point out every different topic that women can converse about in fiction just to exaggerate how dumb it is when they don’t.  They always do here!

Oh my god, Artemis’ cat food can has a tiny fork stuck in it. That’s precious.

I’m really wondering how her sweater is made.  An-slash-Natsumi’s, I mean.  With the weird braidy twisty bit around it.  Is that actually a separate coil sewn on, or a bunch of separate pieces arranged to look that way?

Yeah.  When the sky turns into a psychedelic painting, you’d best start freaking out, kids.

I’m pretty sure that is both Naru’s and Haruna-sensei’s narrative purpose to serve as monster bait forever.  That’s too bad.  Naru is sweet and Haruna-sensei seems’ like she’s all right.

Confusing scary sexy tree-lady monster.

So is this just in a different part of the cherry tree park than the festival because nobody can hear or see this?

Oh, totally.

Also, this lady moves exactly the same way as some of the firebenders in Avatar. I wonder if that was intentional?

Don’t flip your shit, senshi.  It’s barely into the season, they’re gonna be okay.

Everyone has existential crises while floating through a starry doily middle-dimension naked and holding their cat and being visited by the tiny angelic ghost of their space-mom from a previous lifetime.


Ah yes.  I used to have one of those.  It was cheesy pink plastic and played silly music when you opened it and was generally one of my favorite things as a kid.

Also, the new transformation has even better music!!

Oh holy shit, that thing is terrifying.

Yeah, I don’t think that one had a card in the tabletop card game.  At least I never had one.  Probably because it was too scary-looking, honestly.

“You’re even worse than a drunken old man!” I vote we use this as an insult from now on.

I had one of those too!!!  I think I still have it.  It’s probably in my cosplay box despite the fact that I don’t… cosplay Sailor Moon.

The Cutie Moon Rod.  That’s even better than whatever it was called in my dub that I forget now.

“Moon Princess Halation.”  Also a better name.

Weird things make Sailor Moon blush.

Oh yes!  I also remember that this was a thing without remembering the plot.  But this is the sequence where all the senshi get new attacks, so that’s fun.  Venus episode!

“Making us worry about who will take care of us in our old age is a crime!” Uh…sure, Usagi.

“I am a male cat.”

This little kid is kind of brilliant. Horrible, but brilliant.

Minako’s silly misinterpreted/misspoken phrases.  I don’t think that was a joke in the dub I grew up with that much, but I think it’s super cute.

“Your melancholy face is very attractive.”  Followed by “come into my arms so we can exchange our love.”

Swear to God I thought they were going to play “Careless Whispers” in the background.

Fresher energy than that of middle schoolers?

It translates the spoken “big sister” to the said “miss.”  Cute.

Wow, these little kids are shits.

“Meeeeeow.” I’m definitely NOT a talking cat, nope.

She’s making it sound like Sailor Moon is Santa Claus.  Believing is what’s important.

Clap if you believe in Sailor Moon?

“The fresh, juicy energy of children.”


This is a silly song they’re singing.  Carrots, shoes, yachts, sesame seeds.  Those things do not relate to each other.

What would one even need with three yachts? I don’t even think Bruce Wayne has three yachts.

Maybe they’re going to give two to their friends?

Tiny computer tells her which kindergarten has a 67% probability of being attacked!

These kids are really very hipster.


Oh you’ve not seen that yet, have you?  I forget.  I love the transformation pen.

“What the heck are they doing?”  Singing terrible songs, apparently.  Lol maybe if you don’t want to get attacked by the monster attacking kindergarteners in a tunnel, don’t use that tunnel.

See!  You don’t have to be jaded, small children.

Such attack.  Very fail.

Sometimes I feel like the creators of these monsters put a bunch of attributes in a bag and withdrew a few each time they had to draw a monster.

“Believe in yourself.” You’re helpful, Moonlit Knight.

OH MY GOD they’re doing the audio equivalent of “clap if you believe in Sailor Moon.” I was kidding!!!

New attack!!  Crescent Beam Shower.  “It’s one of your latent powers.”

I’m really also perplexed by how Moonlight Knight says “adieu.”

“I think I’m becoming a Sailor Venus fan!” Awww.

–your fangirl heroines.


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