Music Monday :: my thoughts on Blackbirds

9 Feb

Who is Gretchen Peters?  I don’t know, I’ve never heard of her before.  But I was in the mood for lady folk-twang tonight, so here we are.

“Blackbirds.”  Perfect.  It’s country-tinged rock that pretty much sounds like it was written specifically for the purpose of appearing in the background on Justified.  “Whiskey in your voice and a shotgun on the wall” and all that.  I’m grooving on it.

“Pretty Things.”  And now it’s a little slower and it’s reminding me a little bit of, like, Fleetwood Mac maybe (disclaimer: I know approximately four Fleetwood Mac songs) but “heathens stormed the citadel, a girl like me ain’t got a chance in hell against ‘em.”  That’s… amusing me for other reasons, I admit.  It’s dreamy and pretty.

“When All You Got Is a Hammer.”  Okay, this has gone from Justified to full-on angsty Sons of Anarchy montage, but I think I mean that in a good way.  About half the time their montage scoring was pretty okay (the Civil Wars, Alt-J), you know, when it wasn’t Katey Sagal (who does have a pretty voice but still) gloomily covering incongruous oldies.  “Like a hero, like a champion, but he felt more like a guest.”

“Everything Falls Away.”  I think this is going to be one of those albums that goes hard/soft/hard/soft, maybe.  I like it.  I’m spacing out to it but I like it.

“The House on Auburn Street.”  “An apparition in a small suburban town.”  Okay, so hard/soft/hard/soft/soft, but whatever.  It’s nice and it’s also really creepy in a way, but not in a murder twang way.  Just in a melancholy violins way.

“When You Comin’ Home.”  Apparently featuring someone named Jimmy LaFave.  And it’s hard/soft/hard/soft/soft/soft, and while I like the hard better almost always, just in general, the soft is pretty too.  I’m not… wild about this fellow’s voice, but it’ll do.

“Jubilee.”  More slow, which is not something I’d have necessarily expected from a song with that title, but whatever.  It’s very mournful and it’s sort of graceful.  I’m all right with it.

“Black Ribbons.”  Okay, now we’re at least back into the Gothic Americana twang.  Which makes sense when the song is called “Black Ribbons” and contains words like “Louisian” and “the devil’s blood” and “fairest in Evangeline” and “saltgrass,” honestly.

“Nashville.”  We’re back into the twang that’s not quite my kind.  It’s pretty, though.  There’s just not much to say.

“The Cure for the Pain.”  And samesies.  This album is much slower than the first track promised it would be, but I’m not upset.  I appreciate the artistry of it.

“Blackbirds (reprise).”  As with many reprises, it’s the slower moodier version, and I’m all right with it.  It makes sense, tonally.  And it’s pretty.  I’m saying that a lot but that’s about the level I’m processing at now.  It’s got that almost rhapsodic quality, too.

–your fangirl heroine.

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