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5 Feb

It’s a list of 10 books you might have read for school that will “change your life.”  When I saw the title I went “sweet, maybe I’ll have to reread all of the books here and see if it goes.”  And I didn’t actually end up having read a lot of these books in school.

The two on the list that I had read were The Sun Also Rises and To Kill a Mockingbird.  Now, as I’ve said I actually read To Kill a Mockingbird in junior high, eighth grade, and maybe it was just that I wasn’t cynical that made me actually enjoy it.

(Who am I kidding.  I was super cynical about required reading in eighth grade.  I was cynical about required reading in, like, fifth grade, probably.  This is one of the downsides of having been above my grade’s reading level forever and being a voracious reader outside of class on top of it, possibly.  I feel like an asshole saying that, but it’s kind of true.)

So yeah.  I liked To Kill a Mockingbird.  I can just hear the muttering snark of one of the douchefaces in one of my college lit class, “of course she picked a girl one” (muttered when we had to pick one of a few books we were reading part of in class to complete for an individual report) but I don’t care.  Yeah.  I picked a girl one.  That’s kind of my thing.  I picked one by a female author with a female narrator.  And it’s a damn good book.

I read The Sun Also Rises in senior year of high school, by which point I actually wanted to like required reading books because I hadn’t done much and I just really wanted to care.  I just… couldn’t.  The quote from the article is summed up with this:

The angsty “Lost Generation” novel of the 1920s and its underlying theme of unrequited fickle love resonated with my equally aimless teenage soul.

I am not, I would like to think, a particularly angsty person.  Or rather, I got over my angsty phase early.  (There were terrible songs handwritten in an ironically pastel notebook.  It was a thing.)  So I kind of have an allergy to angst for angst’s sake, I think, especially when it’s coming from a dude narrator.  And “unrequited fickle love” is, uh.  Not something I have ever understood.  (I went from not giving a single damn about romance in things to analyzing romances based on the quality of their duets because almost the only ones I cared about were in musicals to being bored by about 75% of fictional heterosexual romances and not understanding a lot of romantic conventions.  So.)

I guess it’s a list of required reading that changed these people’s lives.  And maybe I’ll try reading some of the ones I didn’t read.  But it’s not as finite as I might hope.

–your fangirl heroines.

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