Whimsy Wednesday :: in which there is more than one kind of love and boys are useless.

4 Feb


Action power poses too.  Damn.

Ah yes.  I’m sort of remembering why I don’t remember the Moonlight Knight, honestly.

I enjoy the grammatical correctness of the title.

“But the test from hell is tomorrow!”  They’re a lot more direct in the subtitled version.

Phalion.  A giant spinning-wheel-summoned naked pink lion-person monster.  They just keep getting sketchier.

That’s a goddamn Pokemon.

OH WAIT BUT USAGI IS TYPE O no wait Mako is type O one  of them is type O I legitimately remember that one of them is type O from the internet when I was a child and I learned to use the internet from obsessively researching Sailor Moon.

OH I guess Usagi is O also!  So she can give blood too.

OH OOH OH OH WHAT IS THE SONG GOING TO BE IN JAPANESE WHAT IS IT.  I remember the damn song from the dub I grew up with was like “raaaainy day maaaan on your shoulder I criiiied” dammit they are not subtitling this I’m so sad.  I want to know how silly it is.

That song sounds amazing. Also this soft-focus flashback is amazing.

I’ll find it for you later.  It’s pretty much the best stupid song.

When my first brush with loooove left me shaaaahing insiiide.”  I… remember this dumb song too well, apparently.

“He might be more dear to me than any boyfriend.”

I am laughing at Usagi immediately going “I FEEL THE SAME WAY FOR MAMORU.” Okay.

Angry protective!Mako.  Kind of her default, but she’s especially angry today.

Why do you need to go to a disco in the next town when you live in Tokyo.

That also probably looks alarmingly like my own past attempts at drawing Sailor Moon fanart.


Coming on a little strong, evil alien disguised as a junior high student.

“The more you turn me away, the more intense my love becomes!”  OH MY GOD.

Oh shit it’s Ward!

“Dammit!  This jerk hurt Shinozaki!”  The description of a giant Pokemon as a jerk is hilarious to me for reasons I cannot entirely explain.

Oh, I was just going to comment on the hilarity of both “dammit” and “jerk” in the same sentence.

Ah, yes.  That is a reason for it.

Oh, shit, Sailor Jupiter still hasn’t recovered from giving all that blood.  Sailor Senshi don’t recover instantly… sometimes, apparently.

“You’ll die!” I think that’s a tiny bit overdramatic, but it’s sweet of you to worry, Usagi.

‘Ah, whoops!”

I like that Jupiter and Venus and Mars are all grunting angrily and Mercury is like *giggles* of course.

“You’re a bad monster.”

I know she’s used to knowing why monsters are attacking, but isn’t it normal for them to not give away their motivations in like, every other story?


Because they wanted to use Batman, but they couldn’t, I’m guessing.

Instead they… co-opted a racist stereotype of sorts complete with theme music.  Whee!

As you do!

Also, Phalion definitely has tits.

Yeah, this is like…a sketchy fan-created Pokemon. But still.

“You are absolutely unforgivable!”

Okay, I’m not sure why the Cardians say “cleansing” when they’re killed.  That makes much less sense.  Actually, it would have made sense for the crystal monsters last season to say “cleansing,” more sense than “refresh.”

Usagi doesn’t get the “kind of friendship between a boy and girl that’s different than love.”   Usagi… is romantic-Fitzsimmons fandom.

YES. Also I am heartwarmed (is that a verb?) by the show understanding it, even if Usagi doesn’t.

All right.  Apparently “R” in Sailor Moon R stands for romance.

Yeah, sweetie, the Virtual Reality Theater is not… the best place for alone time with your mystical ex-boyfriend-soulmate-person.

I’m a little bit sympathetic though. Waking up before like, noon on non-school days is horrible.

“To bear its fangs.”

That is a huge-ass line for a Virtual Reality Theater.  That is a huge-ass line for anything.

There’s an end-of-line guy. I’ve literally never seen that except at ComiCon.

Oop, Mamoru here to yell at the more obvious douchebag who is walking like he has a dirty diaper on to be honest.

“Well, this development isn’t so bad.”  No, because it means you can get your creep on.

Why are Usagi’s parents and brother there too?

This looks like something Cassie and I would go to and be terrible at, and then go back a bunch of times.

“Daddy trusts you.” NO THANKS

Ami brought a book to read in line for the video game arcade theater.  Bless.

Are the boys about to get in a pissing contest over video games?  They sure are.

WHAT was that screen with the dragon and the lion oh my god.

I also like that one of the monsters in the video game arcade is literally the orange Rainbow Crystal monster, the boxing priest with wings.

“You can’t make people like you by forcing yourself on them.”  Out-of-context good advice from Mamoru, actually.

Did she just blow on her finger like it was a smoking gun???


Hellant’s evil… hair… tentacles.  This makes sense.

And one of the monsters is a spoopy skeleton ghost.

Meanwhile, Usagi is having a fantasy about having a threesome with two of the same dude.

“I’m a man!” No, you’re like eight, sit down child.

Meanwhile, the girls are still in line.  Of course.

Wow.  This is just a dude battle.  I stopped caring.

It’s okay, Usagi’s transforming now! Because the dudes are all incompetent.

Yes!  Monster bait boys being… twirled around on tentacles in the meantime.

Wow. Such hentai.

And her family… doesn’t figure out that she’s Sailor Moon.  Despite her looking exactly like her.

“I am the white wind that brings color to darkness.” I AM BATMAN!

I forget exactly what the Moonlight Knight’s deal is, but I’m sure it’s screwed up.

Well, he just completely failed to do anything helpful and got himself caught, so.

There the girls are.  Time for some stupefying bubble fog!

“Adieu”???? Is he a French…racist…stereotype?

He’s worldly.  Or… something.

And her parents don’t hear her talking to her cat or hear her cat talking back.

–your fangirl heroines.

girl giggles


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