Fashion Friday :: une grande dame.

30 Jan

Olenna Tyrell (Diana Rigg) is perfect the end.  Welcome to Tyrell-appropriate semi-mourning clothes, part 2.

Glittering in the Garden Dress

Oh look.  It is also perfect.  It is black with gold roses.  But since it’s for Olenna-inspired whatever, it’s longer and has sleeves!  Glittering in the Garden Dress, ModCloth.

Vintage Glitz Official Blazer

This is a vintage piece, but it is perfect.  Glitz Official Blazer, ModCloth.

Layer It On Tights in Black

To keep it covered and tasteful, I guess.  Layer It On Tights in Black, ModCloth.

Poised and Profesh Flat

To keep it easy to wear.  Poised and Profesh Flat, ModCloth.

Bliss a Wonderful Life Bracelet

And it’s a bit tough, but also feminine.  Bliss a Wonderful Life Bracelet, ModCloth.

–your fangirl heroine.

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