Whimsy Wednesday :: in which there are amnesia-related social mishaps and overly poetic antagonists.

28 Jan

New season new opening credits!  Where Usagi and ghost Mamoru run around in front of Van Gogh’s Starry Night.  As you do.


I feel as if that scene where she pauses despite being in a hurry to fight with her brother is truly the best representation of a sibling relationship.

Also, Luna scratching Artemis’ face for his being a pervert.  A+.

Haruna-sensei, you are exceptionally judgmental in a way that may or may not be acceptable, good point.  And Ami is just the best heart.

Oh no! It’s the seizure monster!

Also, this is one of the reasons that the movie that comes after this season is nonsense, continuity-wise, because uh… the villain in that looks like the villains in the first part of this season.

Oh!  All of them are turning up in the same place gee I wonder~

Ah yes, the overly poetic villains spouting poetry and playing his flute of evil.

As they masquerade as transfer students.  Because schools… usually have assemblies to introduce new kids?

“No it’s not!” Because you know that.

Oh my god, is this a Pied Piper episode?

Not… entirely, if I remember.  It’s just his way to seduce girls with the flute.  I also remember attempting to teach myself how to play that on the recorder when we had to learn recorders in fourth grade.  I did not put this together.

“Please allow me to play you the song of my heart” sounds very romantic when you’re sixteen, and at no other time.

“You’re always eyeing other females!”  As she eyes Mamoru.  Also, she and her “brother” are siblings in a very, uh, fanfictional way.

Hark, the sound of Folger’s!

Also, kind of served him right for her to wander off after some other dude, tbh.

He talks a lot about what his heart is up to.

And the Tree of Life, or whatever they’re referring to it as in this incarnation, is uh.  Tentacley.

Oh!  I have that keychain, the chibi Mercury one.

Uh-oh!  She took life from the tree and now the tree is “running low on the life energy [they] need to survive.”  Oops.  Look at all of these pictures of living things.

Cardians.  “Your ability to see the future is the sharpest in the universe.”  Do you know everyone in the universe, ser?

No, everyone knows boys are useless! Obviously.


And now the cats are worrying and going to have to fix it themselves.

Flower tentacle vampire monster.

“I gotta say, this girl gets her energy sucked a lot.”

This thing literally looks like something from a 90s X-Men comic. Or possibly from Rob Liefeld’s YOUNGBLOOD.

Cats, what are you going to do?

Freak your owner out by talking to her, apparently.

I can’t really fault her logic, even if it’s wrong.

Okay, cats.  Your attacking is minimally helpful.

Also, it keeps saying “VAMPIR!” and all I see is an overgrown evil Pokemon.

Oop!  Looks like it’s time to reactivate the senshi!  Here are your memories, now go do battle despite the fact that you might well be traumatized by remembering all of your friends dying and stuff.  Whoo!

“You have no consideration for others!” A trait of most monsters, I would think.

I do appreciate the fact that she always seems to have high moral expectations for the monsters, though.  It’s sort of cute.

“Noble nomad of the universe.”

He’s like a hipster douchebag monster man.

Ew, don’t tell me this gets all Into the Wild. That movie was not that good.

“Hurry up and bring the other girls back too!”

The wacky mishaps that come from having your memory back and being the only one in that situation!

“Hold on to that man!” Otherwise he might run like a startled fawn, presumably.

And now the antagonist and protagonist bond over stalking the same boy.

Gods.  More heart talk.  Y’all are obsessed wit hearts.

Listen to Luna, not because it will make Usagi happier but because teamwork is important.

The Makai Tree, okay.

Minotauron.  The little-bads on this show have the least subtle names in the world.  Actually, any of the characters have pretty unsubtle names.

And they’ve picked out… Naru and the senshi.  Of course.

Sonic… eyeball scream?

I’m really amused by the fact that old mens’ energy is “low quality.”

“You know how I get mixed up in strange situations?  I’m worried this might be another one of those.”  Good call, Naru!

Look at all these ladies conversing.

And having deja vu flashes.

I suspect also having a live animal makes you one of the kinds of people they don’t let into TV stations.

I’m not really sure what they could possibly be up to with casting this one role with these drastically different people.

Yes, a set that looks like a messed up abandoned temple is not a tip-off at all.

“I don’t have the time to appear in a TV drama.  I’m sorry , but I’ll be going now.”  Ami is the cutest.

Wait, you thought “family drama” even AFTER seeing the set?

“The screams of young girls is more beautiful…” uh, buddy.

Did we accidentally click on Hannibal: The Anime instead?

And conveniently, Mamoru… works at the television station.  Which, incidentally, is called “TV-TOMORROW” if you translate.

“It’s no ordinary monster, is it?”  As opposed to your… run of the mill, everyday monsters?  What are you talking about, Rei?

This set was one of the available backgrounds on the Sailor Moon colorforms computer game.  I don’t know why I remember that.  But it wasn’t very useful, honestly.

It’s just occurred to me how useful it is that the senshi wear gloves, as their fingerprints can never be traced on anything.

Without a Moon Stick, what will you do???

Wait for the others to be reawoken!  Transforming wands are GO.

I am still very fond of how so many of the bad guys are genuinely befuddled by bubble fog.


How much fun must it have been to make up those attack names?

Obviously, the most fun.

“If Usagi was more competent…” GEEZ LUNA

–your fangirl heroines.

agents of misandry

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