Superlative Sunday :: the 2015 SAG Awards and how I feel about them

25 Jan

Birdman (Cast in a Motion Picture)
I can own that that was deserved.  I think I actually like this movie more in retrospect, which is to say that I can appreciate it a lot more now that it’s not there giving me a slight headache due to cinematographic choices.  Everyone gave very solid performances, though, so I’m okay with this win.

The Theory of Everything (Male Actor in a Leading Role in a Motion Picture [Eddie Redmayne])
Again.  I continue to be fully okay with him winning things.  A+ performance, buddy.

And I have seen none of the other three film winners.

Orange is the New Black (Ensemble in a Comedy Series, Female Actor in a Comedy Series [Uzo Aduba])
I… have seen exactly two episodes of this show by now, but it’s the only show that won anything that I’ve seen any of.  And it winning these is a big deal and exciting and from what little I’ve seen deserved.  So!

–your fangirl heroine.

i am hardly listening


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