Music Monday :: my thoughts on No Cities to Love

19 Jan


“Price Tag.”  I did not realize how much I’ve missed Corin Tucker’s voice, which is weird because it’s not like I don’t have old Sleater-Kinney albums to reflect on, but I guess… Sleater-Kinney is like an old friend that I don’t always remember to keep in touch with but then I run into them and get really, really excited about them.  This feels very familiar even though it’s brand new, and sometimes that’s really nice.  That’s the magic of music.

“Fangless.”  For obvious reasons, this has the potential to become useful.  And it’s got a cute upbeat riff to start us off, so that’s fun.  This is a lot of fun overall.  This is punching-the-patriarchy music, as it ought to be, and that makes me happy.  We need more of that.  “You will die in the silence of…”  That’s such a powerful little trailed-off lyric.

“Surface Envy.”  Also, these girls just rock hard.  They rock hard in a way that a lot of other bands just… don’t.  It’s a certain sound that’s sorta niche and very lovely.  And Corin Tucker has such a weird wonderful voice that doesn’t look like it should come out of her cute face but there it is so powerful.  I just want to bounce around my room with… I don’t know.  Weaponized pillows.  Bopping around in jammies.

“No Cities To Love.”  Oh, look, harmonies!  And this one is pretty cute too.  This feels very familiar to me, very much like home.  The Pacific Northwest is more a part of me than I used to realize and this feels… like that to me.  Probably because of the repetition of “it’s not the cities, it’s the weather we love” and “it’s not the weather it’s the nothing(/people) we love.”  That sounds right.

“A New Wave.”  This sounds like an adorable car chase in a retro spy movie.  “No one here is taking notice, no outline will ever hold us.”  This is freaking adorable though.  That’s all I’m thinking right now.  It’s just so cute and precious and I want to surround myself with it.

“No Anthems.”  What a guitar riff.  What riffs they always have.  I just want to lose myself in their riffs.  And play this music really loudly in my car as I drive on the freeway or something like that.  This is not driving around town music, this is highway music.

“Gimme Love.”  Dramatic intro.  Corin Tucker is another one of those whose voice means I don’t always pick up the lyrics at first listen, but the ones I grab I like, and more than that I just like listening to her voice because, like the intro, it’s very dramatic.

“Bury Our Friends.”  This is apparently featuring someone called Miranda July.  I don’t know who this is, but all right.  Also Carrie Brownstein is also vocally doing her thing on this song, as some of the others, and that’s fun.  This is just a lot of fun, which is weird for a song called “Bury Our Friends” but there you go.  I’m a morbid little girl.

“Hey Darling.”  Aw, well this is precious, too.  I just want to flop over and roll around in this cuteness.  I was never a “lip sync into a hairbrush” kind of girl, but I feel like this would be ideal for that.

“Fade.”  Final tracks on Sleater-Kinney albums always feel like triumphant finales, in a way that a lot of albums don’t.  There’s been a sort of, well, actually, fading out trend lately, and I don’t mind it, but it’s also sort of nice to go out with a bang smash.

–your fangirl heroine.

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