Whimsy Wednesday :: owls again because.

14 Jan

I spent a couple of hours trolling around stores filled with old people’s idea of what young people like, which meant I spent a couple of hours trolling around stores filled with, among other things, owls.  And since it’s been nearly 2 years since my last owl roundup, I thought I’d give it a go.

Perched High and Low Teapot

I don’t drink tea.  I really never have and I probably won’t ever take it up.  But if I did, I would want this.  Perched High And Low Teapot, ModCloth.

Owl the Fixins Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

Also this is appropriate because in my travels this week I have heard the word “fixins” more times than possibly I have ever heard it in my life.  Owl the Fixins Salt and Pepper Shakers, ModCloth.

Owl Lend You a Hand Cream

Owls can be cute and creepy simultaneously, which I think might be part of the appeal?  It is for me, anyway.  Owl Lend You a Hand Cream, ModCloth.

Owl of Your Money Coin Purse

And sometimes they’re just cute.  Owl Of Your Money Coin Purse, ModCloth.

Owl Illuminate the Way Lights

These are about the most impractical thing yet, but I want them.  Owl Illuminate the Way Lights, ModCloth.

Hoots!...I Dished It Again Plate Set

For all of your… plate needs, I guess.  Party plates.  You’d put appetizers on these, maybe.  Hoots!… I Dished It Again Plate Set, ModCloth.

Aviary Afternoon Skirt

This would require some careful matching, but I think if you wanted to you could make it work.  Aviary Afternoon Skirt, ModCloth.

Each and Aviary One Notecard Set

This one includes a variety of birds, but is quite cute and able to be integrated into daily life.  Each and Aviary One Notecard Set, ModCloth.

Genius Genus Sweatshirt

My workplace had a girls’ sweater with an owl with glasses, and I regretted deeply that it did not come in my size because it was for little girls, so while I would not wear this particular one I must include it on principle.  Genius Genus Sweatshirt, ModCloth.

Landscape Illustrator Pants

And I genuinely don’t know who would wear owl pants, but they exist.  Landscape Illustrator Pants, ModCloth.

–your fangirl heroine.

oh don't even


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