Theatre Thursday :: an annotated play-by-play of junior musicals

8 Jan

Bolded titles are ones that I personally have witnessed or that have been put up in my community.  Underlined titles are ones that I have participated in.

Aladdin Jr. (we saw it because a family friend’s daughter was in it; I don’t even remember what was different about the adaptation but it was thoroughly mediocre and also something that it’s very embarrassing to watch a bunch of pitchy white kids perform)
Annie Jr. (the seventh and eighth graders at my junior high were required to be in a play, and seventh graders did a musical; the seventh grade did Annie Jr. when I was in eighth grade, so I’ve seen it more times than I’ve seen the original, and once again, most of what I recall is embarrassment)
Fiddler On the Roof Jr. (the only one I’ve been in, as you can see; I remember being angry because this version cuts out both Tzeitel’s verse in “Matchmaker” and the dream ballet, which are two of the most interesting parts of the show in my opinion, but mostly I just remember being embarrassed by our production)
Into the Woods Jr. (among other things, the junior version cuts out… the entire second act.  Which, in my opinion, defeats the entire point of Into the Woods.  By making it end on the “happily ever after,” the actual message of the story and the wonderful darkness is lost.)
Mulan Jr.
(it is my deepest regret that I did not actually see this one, though it would have been embarrassing in the same way that Aladdin was embarrassing)
The Music Man Jr. (in addition to just being watered-down in parts, the junior version cuts out the “Marian the Librarian” song.  Which is bar none the best part.  Why would you even do this show without that?)
Once on This Island Jr.
(another one I didn’t see, I admit)
Seussical Jr.
  (I have seen two different productions of Seussical Jr. and I think I cared a negative amount.)
Thoroughly Modern Millie Jr.
(well, at least in the version I saw Mrs. Meers was played by a white girl who wasn’t pretending to be Chinese, so that was a plus, but the references to the girls being sold into “slavery” were rather cagey and knowing what I knew it was, again, embarrassing)

–your fangirl heroine.

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