Whimsy Wednesday :: in which a paparazzo is a literal villain and overly dramatic flashback scenes take place.

7 Jan

We’re in the part of the season where everything is sort of adding up to not much.

I forget exactly what happened in this episode, but I know that ~nothing is not all it seems~ because … yeah.

I’m also really amused by the fact that the little-bad is called Oniwabandana and is… wearing a bandana.  And is apparently a P.I. for the Dark Kingdom or something.  And simultaneously a jewel thief?

“I’m helping myself to the jewels!” Thank you for explaining.

Oh my god it’s the Avengers fighting over Loki.

Pretty much it is.

And the monster disguises herself as a paparazzi photographer, because that’s just about as monstrous.

Also it astounds me that of all people. Naru hasn’t figured out that Usagi is Sailor Moon.

“What’s the square root of two?”

“There was hate in that kick!” I’m going to paraphrase that the next time my brother runs into me “on accident.”

“My butt hurts when you kick it so hard.”


Tbh it would probably work better if one of the other girls went undercover, but hey.

“A real fight” apparently involves making faces and funny noises at each other like children. Then again, that’s how Cassie and I fight, I suppose.

Also, they are like fourteen years old, so.

Wow, this girl with the exact same hairstyle as Sailor Moon gave me this note! Seems legit.

Also legit: the fact that the paparazzi lady dresses like it’s the 1970s.

He always acts much too sinister, even for a bad guy.  Kunzite, that is.

Meet my fireballs, my demon hipster chicks! That is the only thing I can think of right now.

It’s a good thing to think, in my opinion.

“Certain constraints are keeping Endymion from moving.”  Is that so, Kunzite.  Is it really.

The portal to the Dark Kingdom!  Of course it’s creepy, Sailor Moon.  It’s to the Dark Kingdom.


Showing yourself will waste the whole plan, but hiding in the bushes is a foolproof thing to do.

The overly dramatic violin music in the background is amazing.

This is one of those times where it would be really helpful if the senshi had telepathic links, but y’know.

Oh, this one is “Raging Fire Soul.”  That must make it especially fancy.

I also love it when they use their attacks to charge each other’s attacks.

“We will turn you into mincemeat” is a threat you just don’t hear every day.

“I wanted it to blossom into a beautiful” uh, some flower that started with an E that I couldn’t type fast enough and don’t want to rewind to catch.  Still, that’s hilarious.

I didn’t realize somehow just how close we were to the end of season one.  Since there are so many episodes that kind of just lead to the same place they were when they started.  That’s kinda wild.

I like how it’s just a random portal in a random building, like it wasn’t particularly well-hidden it was just a matter of finding the right building.

“Let me take you to a fun place.”

The “Multidimensional Chaos World.”

Oops, looks like they’re headed there.  Or somewhere.  Oh no, it’s the messed-up Silver Millennium kingdom place.  Now it’s the Land of the Gods?  They really need to straighten out what’s going on.

Apparently her mom is… a very small fairy.  But also a reincarnation of the Moon Goddess Selene.  There is a lot going on in this story.

“A great number of us on Earth were brainwashed by Beryl.”  Who in turn has been possessed by Queen Metalia, who preys on the dreams of humans.  A lot of these bad guys prey on the dreams of humans.  Are human dreams really that powerful?  Probably it’s more likely they’re just vague enough to interpret in a variety of flamboyant ways.

The ball is still going on despite all this? Oh, maybe they just want to pretend like everything is okay. There is no war in Ba Sing Se.

“Please forgive my disguise.”  Now Queen Beryl is a wizard?  So many things all at once.

As he wraps his cape around her while they kiss.

And the attacking evil energy just couldn’t attack the girls without upskirting a couple of them.

“Beloved Metallia.”

“Discard your evil heart!”

He really loves that stupid cape.

Such levitation.

And magical tears, of course!

Meanwhile, the cats are apparently traipsing about beyond the Wall or something.  Snowy wasteland.

Why do the cats get little test tubes and everyone else gets pods? Not that it matters, I’m just curious.

Because… the cats… have to remember everything?  Or more of everything?  As opposed to the others, who are reborn in different bodies that look exactly like their original bodies?

Hee, okay.

Also I’m legit surprised “Multidimensional Chaos World” isn’t an altverse in Marvel Comics.

Just you wait, maybe?

“You impudent little dress-up dolls!”

Ooh, are they going to make the MegaZord now?

“You will never make me yell out ‘Refresh’!”

But she will!  She’s outlined in sparkles now.  She can do anything.

“Zoisite… Guide me to the world where your soul is in limbo…”

“Point D.”  That’s legit.

–your fangirl heroines.

being held not doing the holding


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