Television Tuesday :: have you heard the good news about Peggy Carter?

6 Jan

So I am a very happy girl tonight, because something great has happened.  And that something is Agent Carter.  Without saying anything that is really a spoiler (because y’all really need to watch it it is everything) here is a jointly-written list of lovely things.

  • as you all likely know by now, I am a complete sucker for period pieces, between the clothes and the ambiance and the vintage dialogue and all of the details.  So that’s been so far fulfilled.  Also, enough of it is similar to what you’d find in noir stuff, and that’s one of my pet things.
  • there are friendships between ladies! Specifically, in the pilot, between Peggy (Hayley Atwell) and her roommate Colleen (Ashley Hinshaw) and Peggy and her waitress/aspiring actress friend Angie (Lyndsy Fonseca). In both cases, they clearly have a bond with her, even as she keeps them at arm’s length emotionally because of her concern for their safety if they become too close to her. Angie in particular seems to really want to be Peggy’s friend, and when Peggy mentions the need to find a new living situation in the second episode, Angie jumps on it, mentioning multiple times that the boarding house she lives in has vacancies and being really excited by the idea of them being neighbors. Of course, there’s another way to take that enthusiasm, but either way it’s lovely to see the show making an effort to showcase female relationships. Apparently Bridget Regan’s character will also have some kind of positive interaction with Peggy, which is promising.
  • this business with the boarding house excites me, because as I might have mentioned at some point, I was in a play in high school that was about a women’s boarding house in New York in the, well, the 1930s but still, and it was occupied by actresses, not just professional girls, and the house mistress was a ridiculous eccentric, but still.  It’s making it feel a little familiar in an exciting way, despite the fact that the play itself was not exciting at all (it was basically just about people walking in and out of the door).
  • now this is a paragraph about the menfolk.  Daniel (Enver Gjokaj) was sweet and charming and I’ve sure missed him on my television; I appreciated both that he stood up for her to the others and that when she told him please don’t do that he respected that.  Also, disabled character! It was fun seeing the human Jarvis (James D’Arcy) play second to Peggy, and his obvious devotion to his wife was highly endearing. Also Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper) is here and he’s…well, Howard Stark. He apparently has quite an exciting sex life. Finally, bossman Roger (Shea Whigham) sure… is Shea Whigham.  One of my people was excited to see him, having appreciated his work in Boardwalk Empire, and his character is definitely a very clear reflection of his time and setting.
  • let’s talk about weaponized femininity for a minute.  Because while Peggy uses a fair amount of standard spy gadgets, she’s got more than one tucked into her “girly things.”  The knockout lipstick (my favorite) and the master key hidden in her brooch?  Gosh, yes.  And fighting with kitchen utensils, too.  Also manipulating their perceptions of her to get things done, i.e. the tried-and-true calling on “woman issues” to get out of doing a thing and go to do a more important thing, because she knew it would make them all squirm and not ask further questions, because their delicate sensibilities are offended by the mere vague mention of such things, dressing as and playing the femme fatale to get information.
  • but then she also turns around and just weaponizes… everything.  The stapler was a personal favorite, but also she just fights uncompromisingly, as discussed here.

–your fangirl heroines.

innuendo is a thing that has just happened


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