Music Monday :: 2014 in music, part 2 (11 +1 albums of the year)

29 Dec

Because, like last year, music was about the only of my tracked media forms that didn’t largely bum me out or bore me this year.  And I know I don’t usually do lists of 12, but narrowing it was virtually impossible.  Besides, that 12 spot is filled by an album that I didn’t review, so there.  That’s the 11 +1.

12.  Waves, Bitter Ruin
Actually, rereading my last year’s album list, my feelings about this are in the same class as last year’s combo breaker (A Fine Frenzy’s Pines).  It wasn’t that I had other of their albums but this one knocked my socks off, but the part where I’m playing it on repeat to an obsessive degree is accurate.  They are just so compelling, and this album is so compelling, and I want to roll around in it a while.

11.  Fumes, Lily & Madeleine
Came for the sister harmonies, stayed for the folksy/poppy/sixties/seventies vibes.

10.  The Voyager, Jenny Lewis
Because I cannot resist albums by solo artists I love who were once part of bands I love.  Part one.

9.  Lazaretto, Jack White
Because I cannot resist albums by solo artists I love who were once part of bands I love.  Part two.

8.  Sway, Merriment
Came for the fact that it’s a band involving a DuPree sister, stayed for the genuine appreciation of singer-songwriter talent with an occasionally twang occasionally twee bent.

7.  Muna, Markéta Irglová
Sweet perfect Markéta with her sweet perfect music, her sweet perfect slightly-gloomy vaguely religious fairytales and piano work and harmonies abounding.

6.  I Never Learn, Lykke Li
It’s interesting to me that I reference Almost Famous a lot in album liveblogs, but also that makes sense to me because that’s where my heart will always be and where my brain tends to go and it’s lovely.  This album is lovely.  Also very good for airplane rides.

5.  Angus & Julia Stone, Angus & Julia Stone
It’s like sitting in a bar down by a beach at sunset, drinking something that was recently on fire.  Riding around in vintage cars, maybe, the wind whipping your braided hair around because the top is down.  It’s atmospheric and slightly dark but not too dark and appropriate often.

4.  Stay Gold, First Aid Kit
Honestly, First Aid Kit is a perfect summary of 50% of my taste in music: they’ve got lady harmonies, they’ve got lyrics that are prooooobably about Game of Thrones half the time, they’ve got twang.  It’s not the most articulate recommendation, but there you have it.

3.  Earth Sick, Oh Land
This is partly just to represent my growing fascination with Oh Land’s entire catalogue (thank you, Spotify) but also because damn, but this is an album that I can’t get enough of.

2.  When the Cellar Children See the Light of Day, Mirel Wagner
Like I said last week, I’ve listened to this album a lot.  And it’s dark as everloving hell, but it’s so perfect for turning up when I’m alone and just swaying around lazily in my kitchen when it’s getting dark and there are cupcakes in the oven.  Or something.

1.  Like it Never Happened, Elizabeth & the Catapult
And this, this is just perfect full stop.

–your fangirl heroine.

you are a walking headache inducer


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