Spectacular Summaries Sunday :: 6 gifts 2014 gave me

28 Dec

Why only 6 this year?  Well, while last year was a year of media rage (as evidenced by the lack of an overall post like this last year, which I’d forgotten about until I just searched my post history) this was a year of media resignation, I guess.  I just didn’t have strong feelings about as many television programs (which I’d already expected to be disappointed by) or movies (which I didn’t expect much of at all) or what have you.  I liked a hell of a lot of albums, but I’m not putting any of those on this list because that’s tomorrow.  So here’s a list.  And I guess, uh, spoilers?

6.  It’s been a big year, real life-wise.
And while I’m not going to talk directly about personal things here, I feel that needs to be noted because it was an uncommonly eventful year of firsts, mostly positive, and alwayses, extremely positive, for me.

5.  Belle
This was one of those films that for me, no review could do justice: it was gorgeously filmed, acted, written; it was something to tug at my heartstrings without ever feeling emotionally manipulative (which is my major problem with lots of Inspirational True Stories, not that this was in that genre despite the fact that it was inspirational and it was a true story); it was ridiculously important (story about a woman of color written by a woman of color directed by a woman of color that brought light to something very real that happened that you don’t hear much about in history books in school or any such thing); it should win more awards than it has or will.

4.  The resurgence of Sailor Moon
Because as I repeatedly say this is my childhood and also sort of my present.  I have the first half of the first season of the new dub (though I’m not watching it until I finish rewatching season one in subtitles) and it astounds me how ingrained it is in me the more I rewatch.  Nostalgia, but also — good grief.  There’s just so much about it that set me up for who and how I am today, and it’s a joy getting to go back through it with new eyes.

3.  Big Hero 6
I’m not necessarily the best at seeing animated films in general (for example, I was berated via Skype this afternoon for still not having seen either How to Train Your Dragon film) but sometimes they really hit me, and this one definitely did that.  As I explain in the linked review, and as I often get at in other contexts, I am a sucker for fictional science and also found fictional families, so it’s sort of a best of both.

2.  Captain America: The Winter Soldier
I’m sort of worn out with dude-centered stories, I admit this, but Marvel continues to be a unicorn because it actually makes me feel things about dudes in stories (not as much as some people seem to, but more than I do in many other cases) and also even its dude-centered stories have excellent ladies, often more than one, present in them.  At this point the MCU is an Experience unto itself (so much so that my drift partner and I have made a three-dimensional chart, which we do need to update) and I appreciate that so much, but I also appreciate that it balances snark and seriousness, enmity and friendship and genuine Love, moral grays and objective truths, in a way that a lot of media doesn’t seem to be able to.  Also, all of the protagonists in this film make me smile like mad but notably Natashaaaaa (Scarlett Johansson).

1.  Agents of SHIELD
There is no such thing as perfection.  I know that there isn’t.  There are a lot of things that this show has done that have made me go “really, show, you didn’t need to do that, did you?” but there are also a lot of things that this show has done that other shows haven’t.  And right at the top of that second list is this new development with Skye (Chloe Bennet).  This show has had its flaws, but it’s so far been a 32-episode-long origin story for a powered WOC superhero (who was led into her direct origin by another WOC, I point out, partially just because I love Raina [Ruth Negga] so much that talking about her makes me literally bounce up and down; also I would like to take this time to officially point out that Raina likes flowers and Skye’s birth name is Daisy) and presumably will now be the adventures of said character and her people.  And that’s kind of incredible.

–your fangirl heroine.

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