Fashion Friday :: just ’cause.

26 Dec

Or more accurately, because I told my mom to suggest someone for tonight’s post and Brienne (Gwendoline Christie) was her first suggestion.

brienne of tarth (gwendoline christie)

And in the spirit of Brienne’s new swank armor, I present: not-really-that-comfy-in-high-society modern Brienne trying to fit in in this weird celebrity culture AU world I’ve been working in this year.

my gleam job blazer (modcloth)

This is a blazer.  Blazers aren’t scary.  Blazers are businesswear.  Brienne can do businesswear.  It’s just also fancy because of that shimmer, so it belongs here, too.  My Gleam Job Blazer, ModCloth.

picture window top (modcloth)

Which has enough structural detail up top to be interesting, but will still mostly blend under the glitzy blazer.  Picture Window Top, ModCloth.

carefree cresdendo pants (modcloth)

My initial impulse had been leggings (preferably leather) and a black short skirt, but these pants have enough interesting detail at the waist to do too.  Carefree Crescendo Pants, ModCloth.

especially splendid boot in black (modcloth)

And these?  These say “playing the game but not sacrificing comfort.”  So.  Especially Splendid Boot in Black, ModCloth.

mismatched sword and shield earrings (etsy)

And these are just awesome.  Mismatched sword and shield earrings by MandaLynnCreations at Etsy.

–your fangirl heroine.

warm fuzzies


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