Fashion Friday :: credit where credit is due.

12 Dec

cersei lannister (lena headey)

So Cersei (Lena Headey) has a different vibe to her mourning clothes.  She’s in that same random celebrity-culture AU I’ve been playing with this year, but she’s the matriarch/businesswoman that tabloids still to this day refer to as a trophy wife, and she’s playing as tastefully glamorous as she can with this because that’s what she always does.

all agleam dress (modcloth)

It’s a timeless sort of cut, and it’s elegant, and while still appropriately mourning-colored it’s got that hint of glitz.  All Agleam Dress, ModCloth.

detour du jour blazer (modcloth)

And this is for the businesswoman side.  Detour Du Jour Blazer, ModCloth.

poised and profesh flat (modcloth)

And like the dress, these have just the right hint of sparkle.  Also, it’s here that I would like to point out that fancy businesswoman Cersei would be wearing the much more expensive versions of these items.  Poised and Profesh Flat, ModCloth.

elixir of adoration necklace (modcloth)

And though she might remove the little fake tag (that wouldn’t be hard with jewelry pliers) she’d probably appreciate the subtle snark of this.  Elixir of Adoration Necklace, ModCloth.

attention to retail clutch (modcloth)

She’d still have her classy little purse, though, in a Lannister color.  Attention to Retail Clutch, ModCloth.

–your fangirl heroine.

you are a basic bitch


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