Whimsy Wednesday :: in which CHARM SCHOOL and SKI CONTEST and I’m just really excited okay.

10 Dec

I need this this week.  I think we all need silly interplanetary princesses fighting evil this week.  And these are some of my favorite s1 episodes, if I remember right.  Oh yeah, this is another collaborative effort.

I don’t care.  I need to watch the theme song every time because it slows my heart rate to a pleasant contented… rate.  That’s the thing.

Who doesn’t watch the theme song of a show every time? Except for Veronica Mars season 3, that’s the worst. But so is Veronica Mars season 3 in general.

I’m used to watching TV with people obsessed with fast-forwarding, is the problem.  Fast-forward through the commercials.  Fast-forward through the theme song.  Etcetera.

Gooosh I love that ass-kicking Jupiter is one of the ones who wins at princess training.  That’s one of my favorite things about this episode.  Not that it’s happened yet.  But it will.

“Oh, screw it.”  I feel you, Usagi.

Being “elegant and cultured” means wearing bows in your hair and walking with your head demurely lowered, apparently.

I also really like the shots when her pigtails look like flat ribbons.

Ah yes, this is definitely how you should respond to a teacher’s question.

And I continue to be confused by how standing in the hall is an effective punishment.  Though that confused me in school, too.

“I don’t team with anyone.  I work on my own.”

Uhhhhhhhh Endymion, ah… you’re… uh.

OH MY GOD the side-eye. I’m laughing so much.


The machine sweatdropping.

His little cat arms flailing. That’s amazing.

“I am perplexed by the sweet poison covering the arrowhead” That’s what she said? ……..I’m sorry.

I think it’s one of those days.  I found  at  least  three of those in conversation earlier.

“We don’t accept invitations from cats.” That’s exclusionary.

She gets to attend the seminar because she could throw a frisbee in a way that defies the laws of physics and stuff.

That’s a…weird…entrance exam.

Oh, Ami, my sweet princess of A+ ideas.

And they’re for some reason wearing horse-riding-esque outfits to play frisbee.

This is the best plan ever, basically.  All of Kunzite’s plans are really fantastic.

The butler really shouldn’t yell at her.

Also, I’m not sure why “princesses” should all wear the same awful pink dress, but hey.

“Would you be to kind as to partake in coffee… please?”  How do grammar, Usagi.

Usagi is me when trying to be nice to my guests, or eat amongst people who are not my friends and close family.

Is Usagi dancing with the butler?

“This is hell.”

“This is hell.” Ahahahaha poor thing.

Mako and Ami are just polite and/or good at dancing, is all.

This is a really shitty way to give people their final grade, in front of all their other classmates like this.

“This is really creepy.”


Because she’s a monster who turns girls into wax figurines!!!  And is really polite about it.  And you can tell which class of princess school the figurines came from based on what horrible dress they’re wearing.

That’s also some really hardy wax.

Yeah, seriously. It looks more like metal.


When I was a kid, we used to play a variation on freeze tag where the premise was “you are now covered in wax because of a monster from the Negaverse” basically.  We were really cool.

“Out of the way please!” Always what I say to cats who jump on my face.

“Please accept this!”

It must be really hardcore wax to not get melted by flame.

Oh, here’s Tuxedo Mask to be useless.

Except now he’s both evil AND useless.

Oh of course!

“This Tuxedo Mask isn’t like the one we used to know!”

As Kunzite hovers over.

Are they going to get in a slap fight now?

They really ought to.

“I’m going to use my power to turn Tuxedo Mask back to normal!”

But he hovered away before that was possible.  Drat.

Somehow you can ski elegantly.

“Young ladies can’t let their tummies get cold!”

I wasn’t aware that was a problem.

“The Snow, the Mountains, Friendship, and Monsters.”

I like that she totally accepts the not-at-all-sketchy “Moon Princess Contest” as totally legit.

The fourteen year olds going off to the mountains alone.  Or not alone, but in the company of Rei’s grandpa’s assistant who… is probably a stoner, I assume.

“Do either of those even apply here?” Ami asks.

Kunzite and Endymion really do need to get in a slap fight.  It would help alleviate the tension they’re having.  Which is a lot.

I like that apparently they have portrait studios in the Dark Kingdom, though.

Sleeping cats.  Cats hanging out sleeping.

And Rei is naturally really good at skiing, of course.

Nefariously glinting ski glasses.

“With the monster power I gave you…”  of course.

Usagi, you could just drop out, because this contest is a scam.

Yeah but she has to win, because she’s the Moon Princess! Or…something.

She’s an egotistical fourteen-year-old, actually.  Who happens to be the reincarnation of the princess of the Moon Kingdom, so technically she’s the Moon Princess, but she’s also playing right into their vanity trap.

“The race is held at night, but there’s no danger, so don’t worry!” Seems legit.

Also I like that they allowed him to push her down the hill.  That’s not cheating at all.

“This course actually connects right to hell…”


Yes, Rei, a monster would appear here.  A monster is right behind you.  She even has fangs.

And again I ask: has it never occurred to the Dark Kingdom to look for a girl who looks like Sailor Moon?  Her hairstyle is pretty distinctive.

Going at that speed and not knowing what she was doing, wouldn’t she… fall over?   I know nothing about skiing, because the only time I went I fell over so hard my skis fell off and I had to carry them to the bottom of the hill, but.

What the hell are those horrifying snowmen shoulder pads the monster of the week is wearing?

She’s.. the abominable snow boobs.  Or something.


And now Usagi and Rei are trapped in a very small pocket of ice and snow and they’re cold and Rei is trying to investigate and it’s going to be a moment for them.

“I could use pants.” Is the quote in my head right now.

Also, “Giving up now means losing womanhood!” I see.

Her locket that makes bubbles and twinkles appear whenever she looks at it.  “Listening to this takes away my sadness.”

“If you don’t live in happiness with Mamoru, I’ll punish you!” What a threat.

These two.  Having a serious bonding moment that they ruin by arguments and then that gets ruined by the presence of Yuichiro.

“My judgment is not flawed!” Madam, I would beg to differ just based on the snowman’s head you’re wearing over your crotch.

“You’re even colder than this snow.”

For someone evil, Tuxedo Kamen keeps coming to stop the monsters anyway.

That rose stem was quite sharp.

Obviously, it’s a magical rose stem.  That achieves maximum potency when he throws it while standing in an anatomically difficult position.

I’m definitely a bad person for laughing at the sudden death of that rose.

Oh, I think it’s hilarious.

And this is a great time for an impromptu campfire, obviously.

“Friendship with you? Into the trash it goes!” That’s definitely what I’m going to say the next time someone I don’t like tries to be my friend. Actually no, because I’m too nice, but it’s what I’ll think probably.

–your fangirl heroine.

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