Television Tuesday :: ATTENTION PLEASE.

2 Dec

My friends and readers.  It’s the beginning of the last month of the year, and that means I’m starting to prepare for my year-end roundups.  This means I’m going to be compiling some lists and categories.  In past years, this has been any number of things, including:

  • dead characters (specifically dead female characters)
  • scenes that evoke sadness/happiness/shock/etcetera
  • favorite character/favorite relationship
  • finale episodes
  • new categories for No Trope Bingo and examples for each new category

What I’m doing here is calling out to my friends: please, flood me with things in those or other categories.  Flood me with examples from shows that I don’t watch.  These are the shows that I am at least mostly current on at the moment:

  • Agents of SHIELD
  • Dallas
  • Fargo
  • From Dusk Till Dawn
  • Game of Thrones
  • Girls
  • Justified
  • Mad Men
  • Penny Dreadful
  • Silicon Valley
  • Sons of Anarchy
  • True Blood
  • True Detective

I know some pretty outrageously yucky things have happened on shows that are not my own (Arrow and Teen Wolf come to mind, for example) and perhaps some nice things have too; I want to hear about all of it.

–your fangirl heroine.

what the fuck have you gotten me into


One Response to “Television Tuesday :: ATTENTION PLEASE.”

  1. Mary December 2014 at 10:44 am #

    From Dusk Till Dawn killed two main characters (both male), generally fails the bechdel test, has a ton of dead family manpain, fridging (dead wife, offscreen) sexualized violence, inappropriate male attention from many characters towards Kate, uneven f::m ratio and conscious irresponsibility. It subverts underused POC, most of the cast is Latino. I can’t really comment on new favourites b/c I mostly hated the show.
    Game of Thrones killed six main characters, four male (Tywin, Joffrey Oberon, The Hound), two female (Shae, Ygritte). Falls victim to vicious female rivalry between Cersei and Margery, definitely had sexualized violence, madonna/whore all over the place, oedipal undertones between Sansa and littlefinger (not actually related but there’s definitely strong incest vibes) and jaimie and cersei (overtones) , fridging in the case of ygritte for sure and arguably Shae. Gratuitous sex (obviously), inappropriate male attention towards sansa, and conscious irresponsibility.
    Girls had gratuitous sex, infidelity, conscious irresponsibility, love triangles and narratively excused sociopathy to a degree, although it was called out after a while
    Penny Dreadful had two-ish dead female characters but one of them’s a vampire and one of them’s going to be reanimated as the bride of frankenstein so I don’t know how to count that. It often failed the bechdel test. It has an underused POC who shows up for 5 minutes every couple episodes so solve all problems efficiently and then fades back into the background. Dead family manpain, yes, if it counts that the mainpain comes from his daughter being a vampire. Same essential emotions. Infectious disease– yes. Dead prostitutes– yes. Dead children– yes. Sexualized violence- Brona mentioned she’s been assaulted by a former fiancee, Vanessa gets assaulted by a demon. Fridging, as it relates to Mina who is a vampire, infidelity and conscious irresponsibility.
    The most shocking scene of Penny Dreadful was when Frankenstein had made a nice, docile creature and then as it turns out, this was his second attempt and his first creation, the one who is in the original novel shows up and kills his more benevolent brother.
    My new favourite character is Sembene, the underused POC who tends to solve problems 10x quicker and more efficiently than the rest of the overdramatic, incompetent, white cast.
    True Blood had three dead main characters- Tara, Bill and Alcide. It had disregarded logic as it related to the Hep V disease which limited its characters’ lifespans to random amounts of time, depending on what the plot required and it glazes over the fact that Eric was on fire last season and should probably be dead. Invisible lesbians- Pam doesn’t have much queer content this season. Vicious female rivalry between Violet and Jessica. I read there to be ho-yay between Jessica and Adilyn in the premier which was never followed up on. Infectious disease- Hep V Aka Vampire AIDS. Sexualized violence- threatened by violet, interrupted before being carried out. Gratuitous sex- yes. Infidelity- yes, Jessica and Jason for sure and probably some other ones. Narrative neglect- Lafayette and Willa. Especially Willa. Love triangles-so many.
    My favourite character continues to be pam. All the relationships this season were awful. The finale episode was really terrible, unsatisfactory, it changed the entire theme of the show, gave most characters really hasty, out of nowhere endings or just completely sidelined them.

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