Fashion Friday :: so there, calendar makers.

28 Nov

sansa stark (sophie turner)

Today I learned that the 2015 Game of Thrones calendar does not even have a page for Sansa (Sophie Turner).  This is appalling to me, and I am going to attempt to remedy it by styling for her.

a welcomed moment coat in navy (modcloth)

I think this is the Sansa who lives in the same world that last week’s Shae does.  Possibly she is also an actress, or somehow otherwise in the public eye, and she’s just posh as hell and unapologetically femme and so tragically misunderstood and lovely.  A Welcomed Moment Coat in Navy, ModCloth.

sweet staple dress in slate (modcloth)

And she’s very young to be in the spotlight and yet here she is, and there are gods know how many rumors about her, and she handles them all with grace and an aristocratically arched eyebrow that reveals nothing.  Sweet Staple Dress in Slate, ModCloth.

hosiery semi-sheer tights (dkny)

She’s got a style that’s all her own, and some might say it’s a little too sweet and provincial but she’s more and more comfortable in herself.  Hosiery Semi-Sheer Tights, DKNY.

And sometimes it’s a little prim, but she works with it.  Just Jaunty Boots, ModCloth.

land of awes ring (modcloth)

I had never thought about Sansa and Dorothy parallels, and am not well-versed enough in proper Oz to get into it, but there could be something to it.  So.  Land of Awes Ring, ModCloth.

–your fangirl heroine.

everyone is an idiot


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