Spoiler Alert Saturday :: my thoughts on Big Hero 6

22 Nov

Well gosh if that wasn’t just an adorable movie.

I think I must be turning into an easily-dissolvable sappy mess of a girl, because I definitely melt more easily than I used to.  Not more than I used to once I do it, but it’s easier to set me off going “awww” and not feeling disgusting about it, if that makes sense.  This was a very sweet movie, but it wasn’t just sweet, or it wasn’t sweet in the way of being painfully saccharine, I suppose?  It was realistically sweet.  Which is sort of a ridiculous thing to say about a movie about fighting a science supervillain with science superhero suits and a science robot, but hey.  I continue to maintain my theory that sometimes it’s easier to tell truly human stories that at least I relate to in a context that’s clearly fictional.

Was this a perfect movie?  No.  Perfect movies don’t exist.  I could pretty much guess most of the major plot twists, for example.  But did it make me happy?  Hell, yes it did.

I’ve seen meta covering many of the important points already, nice varied representation amongst the main characters and accurate and emotional portrayal of the process of grieving and loss being the big ones.  And both of those things were super exciting.  That while Baymax the puffy robot wasn’t necessarily originally designed for emotional health issues he quickly learned the importance of dealing with those and doing so well, treating them with equal importance, was wonderful.

And it hit a few of my own personal buttons, too, among them found family that sort of turned into team-as-family and also recreational science.  I’ve said before and I’ll say again, recreational science just floats my boat so much in fiction despite the fact that I honestly cannot science my way out of a paper bag in real life, and I think part of that is that science characters in movies tend to remind me more of people I like than “artsy” ones because it’s all drive to know things and drive to create things and less… I don’t know, Glee drama.  Or something like that.  It’s creation for the sake of creation, knowing for the sake of knowing, and being genuinely excited about it, sans drama; here you had a group of friends who all partook of different disciplines and subgenres of interests but came together to spend time and support each other and, you know, fight a supervillain.  And gosh, that was nice.

Also, although it was a movie primarily about boys, there was a strong and positive female presence!  Aunt Cass being supportive and loving no matter, the slightly scatterbrained adult figure, Gogo the more quiet but not all the way to sullen kickass one (how much did I love it that she was clearly the group’s resident badass?  “Woman up,” “there are no red lights in car chases,” etcetera), blessed sweet Honey Lemon with her pink glasses and her candy-colored science bubbles and her everything.  And goodness, what a relief that was.

Also also, it was just damn pretty.  I am a sucker for well-done animated scenery and the like, so, y’know, A+ here.

–your fangirl heroine.

ohhh burn


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