Whimsy Wednesday :: in which possessed cats in love and also some filler.

19 Nov

Why is Priness Serenity’s dress transparent?

“Love and Chased: Luna’s Worst Day Ever.”

I did not know that autumn was the season for young girls. I thought that was spring, maybe. This also begs the question, what is the timeline for this show, how many days pass between animals, etcetera.

Why is this herd of alley cats chasing Luna? Why is a tiny one eating Luna’s tail? They are a weird mob thing and the large fat one just Tuxedo Kamen’d with a fish bone and is now licking her wounded tail. The large fat cat had a visible asshole and is named Rhett Butler and is owned by a little girl in a party dress.

Oh my god “turf wars between stray cats.”

Tiramisu being a trend.

Gathering data about the crystal. On Ami’s bitty computer.   Gods bless the tiny computer.

This family has fire in their name. I recognize the kanji.

Why do all of the other cats have differently-drawn eyes. Is it because they are not magical like Luna is?

“I’ve been so careless!”

And the senshi squashed into the tiny alley. This show is nonsense and I love it.

As they… watch over the little girl in her house, despite not having even learned her name.

Why is GOODBYE AND FAREWELL capitalized like that.

Oh no the cat is hurt. “Did you…. injure it when you saved me?” Luna asks, soon making the fat cat blush.

Luna, why are you asking Rhett Butler if he has a Rainbow Crystal, he won’t know. Fat cat, if you can barely fit in there, how can Zoisite?

Why is Rei standing in front of a building that looks like it says her name on it.

Ami and Mako doing things correctly while Usagi plays video games. Naturellement.

The rats creating a weird protective barrier around Zoisite. Sailor Mars giving a speech from her weird backward kneeling pose. “The flames of justice are burning.” I wonder if it’s significant that Sailor Moon says “punish” and Rei says “discipline.”

Tuxedo Kamen just attacks and runs away with the final Rainbow Crystal.

The monster is also injured! Luna gets to his heart with love.

“How could you ruin that moment?” The moment between… cats.

Mercury and Jupiter trying so hard to cover and failing hard.

“Meowfresh!” instead of Refresh. Oh my god.

Luna and her weird romantic sunset with the fat cat.

“The Hokkaido Sightseeing Association didn’t give you permission, did they?!”

“But if Luna says so, I believe her.” Ami is very trusting of her cat friend.

Zoisite jealous of Queen Beryl…l… yeah.

“He’s missing something that would light my fire.”

So now he becomes Tuxedo Kamen but horribly. Of course.

Going to the Redman show. Who is like a weird singular Power Ranger.

Stealing crystals by making people INTO monsters. Because of course the senshi just carry the crystals around with them.

Zoisite do not be fooled that is not Tuxedo Kamen. “Out of respect for you, I will leave for today.”

The freaking amusement park again. The ridiculous amusement park.

Your mission to find the princess. WHO IS YOU.

Yep. He’s a singular Power Ranger. A ridiculous singular Power Ranger.

OH NO the Red Ranger is gonna be the monster instead of Naru.

“Oh dear, I screwed up.”

And the monster makes everyone into… algae blobs?

Usagi’s speeches are consistently nonsense.

Time to fight Zoisite. Kind of.

This is just a hilarious round of cats batting around a cat toy.

“Usagi can do pretty well by herself.”

And now Zoisite has the crystal. Fudge.

“I will take back the Rainbow Crystal,” says Tuxedo Kamen. Except you can’t take it back because it wasn’t yours to begin with.

–your fangirl heroine.

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