Music Monday :: my thoughts on Magic

17 Nov

I have never heard of Paperwhite.  They’re a brother and sister and different sources describe them as “dream pop” and “synth-pop” and they’ve got at least one song that looks like it’s about outer space, though, and I’m in the mood for a short album today, so here we go.

“Take Me Back.”  Oh, it sounds exactly like the 80s.  In kind of a fun CHVRCHES way but with slightly airier vocals.  Or Haim.  It sounds a lot like Haim.  That’s kind of all I can think about — and mind, I like Haim, that’s not a negative.  It’s just a fact.  The way I figure about artists who sound similar is: well, maybe they do, but maybe Haim doesn’t have a song that’s about space, so there we go.  For fanmixing purposes, both are useful potentially.

“Galaxy.”  And this really sounds like it’s about space.  The Disneyland version of space.  This sounds like music they play in Tomorrowland, but with lady vocals over top of it.  This sounds enough like it’s about space that I might have a hard time finding enough other songs that were tonally similar to it to play with for a mix.  I would welcome that challenge, I bet.

“Pieces.”  This sounds like Rainbow Brite.  This legitimately sounds like the music that would be in a Rainbow Brite movie.  Or the film version of the Baby-sitters’ Club, even though that was from the 90s.

“Gold.”  Gosh, this is unapologetically 80s.  “Let’s run away and make it to the river,” though.  My goodness.  I feel like this is probably appropriate for that 80s/90s AU Game of Thrones fanart I saw circulating like a year ago.  Probably.

“Magic.”  This is so ridiculous.  This feels like the cartoon Gem and the Holograms, possibly, which I never watched but am aesthetically familiar with.  This feels like the soundtrack to Lisa Frank’s art.  It’s sort of fun.   There should be a music video where people wear shoulder pads and acid-wash jeans.  It’s got a definite ambiance.

“Got Me Goin.”  Oh my gods it is entirely the 80s.  I’m just… going to soak it up.  It’s fun.

–your fangirl heroine.

god know why i'm happy but i am


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