Spoiler Alert Sunday :: my thoughts on Birdman

16 Nov

You know that thing of when a movie is good, and you can recognize it, but your commentary is definitely not insightful or particularly valid and you sit there wondering why exactly you decided to write about every single movie you see in theaters on the internet?  I’m having that moment.

Like… this was objectively a very good movie, and I acknowledge that.  Everyone did a very good job, and it was brilliantly edited, and it was well-written and not too terribly predictable, really, it was well-done and whatnot.  But I’m sure everything that has already been written about this movie is much more adequate.

And also, about halfway through the film I got exceptionally distracted by a pounding headache.  I assume this was because of the combination of frantic drums (which were effective but not something I was apparently neurologically up for today) and the fast-moving, following, vaguely shaky camera work.  And this is not an indictment against the film, as these things suited the overall tone and whatnot, but they… weren’t doing for me today.  It happens.  Sorry, guys.

ETA: the obvious highlight of the movie for me was Susan Blackwell’s one-line appearance.

–your fangirl heroine.

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