Music Monday :: my thougths on Earth Sick

10 Nov

Namely, oh my god this is a new Oh Land album I am so excited.  I have fallen increasingly in love with Oh Land over the last ~year and she’s been on pretty heavy Spotify rotation for me lately, so that there is a new album of hers to devour is very awesome.

“Machine.”  Songs about machines are always useful things as far as I’m concerned.  This has a slower and more melancholy sort of tone than a lot of her stuff starts with, but oh gosh, actual machine-type sounds.  I have a feeling I’m going to drift off a lot during this album.  Oh Land facilitates that nicely.  And if it’s all as dreamy and vaguely 80s remixed as this track is, it’s going to be even easier.

“Favor Friends.”  Yes, there’s more 80s but this feels a bit more keeping with the rest.  “Don’t be polite, it’s overrated.”  Thanks, darling, that makes me happy.  Also, sudden violins.  Also I love her weird-ass lyrics.  She’s managed to work the word “periphery” into this song and I think that’s impossibly cool.  Not that it’s never happened before, but still.  I just like songs that use words that are slightly unusual and polysyllabic.

“Head Up High.”  Mm.  This album is so far even floatier than  her previous, and I like it.  I’ve been into that lately, so it works out.  Somehow this is both for curling up on top of my bedcovers and shutting my eyes and just going with it and for taking a dramatic walk in the rain.  Also I just really like how she makes some syllables pop when she’s sort of talking in a song.

“Earth Sick.”  I saw in the notes that this song is about a lonely astronaut or something, and with the heavy helping of synthesizer I think that makes plenty of sense.  It sounds like space.  And accordingly I’m just sort of floating around thinking nonsense thoughts.

“Nothing Is Over.”  Her voice just does fun pretty strange things that complement the instrumentation.  I can’t think of any one band or singer that I would compare Oh Land to, and that’s always something fun.

“Doubt My Legs.”  Okay, this one is a little more like her previous, I think?  It’s got the certain unnameable weirdo quality that a lot of her stuff does, and I adore it a lot.  I mean, I like all of her stuff, but the weirdo quality is one of the draws for me, I think.  I also read in the livestream’s note that she’d been a dancer at a younger age and gotten injured, which makes this and other songs of hers make more sense.  (I feel like there are a large number of injured former dancers in other aspects of the entertainment industry.)  Also, orchestra instruments.  I feel compelled to point those out every time I hear them.

“Half Hero.”  “I’m alone with my desire, I’m a saint and I’m a liar,” oh my I just want to wrap this around me like a nice scarf.  A pretty electric scarf, if that makes any sense.  Or at least one that has glitter thread in it.  It’s soft and fancy but also it catches the light.

“Daylight.”  Oh, oh goodness, and this is a supremely electronic start that then goes into something a little more standard for her, but I just.  Gosh, I adore this.  I always love the percussion in her stuff, the strings — there’s always such a lovely helping of strings in her instrumentation, as I mentioned before but am continuing to obsess about.  And then a nice helping of choral backing vocals, that’s always a good way of making something sound sort of grand and fascinating.

“Hot’N’Bothered.”  Another electronic start.  This sort of sounds like it should be at an exotic dance club in a science fiction film.  The lights are neon and maybe some people, dancers or patrons or bartenders or I don’t know, have robotic parts.  Cyberpunk.  And then maybe midway through the song it cuts from the girls dancing and being stared at to the girls at home in their bedroom, making out.  Or something.

“Little Things.”  And the trend is continuing, but also there are a lot of really nice moments in this song where it’s mostly just percussion and her voice and I’ll need to read the lyrics to know if this is really as happy as it sounds, but it sounds at least cheery enough, and that’s sort of fun.

“Flags.”  I think a lot of it is sort of cyberpunk.  But, like, the most twee precious cyberpunk.  Sunshine cyberpunk.  Cyberpunk still has a lot more neon than a lot of subgenres, inherently, but there’s a certain something else here too.  Also she just declared that she was a sharpshooter.  That makes me happy.

“No Particular Order.”  Well gosh, the lyrics here are adorable.  Which is a weird descriptor, maybe, but it feels very comfortable for me.  “Read too many books I apologize” and the like.  It sounds pretty spectacular toward the end, very richly orchestrated, and that makes me happy too.

“Trailblazer.”  And this is a little more trance, more grunge-noir, and I like that too.  I’m lost in this one, too, sorry guys.  I’m just gonna soak it in.

–your fangirl heroine.

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