Film Friday :: :: in-depth Halloween 2014 cosplay adventures, part three.

7 Nov

I should mention that there were two others in our group on Halloween proper that my mom and I had little to no part in assembling.  My drift partner used her Sif costume (there are pictures of Sif and Lorelei scrapping, which were hilarious) and then my everything friend was a steampunk version of Ramona Flowers (she is planning on refining this for Emerald City in the spring, so I’ll show you then).

The final costume that we did have a part in was my Margaery friend’s, and this year she wanted to be… Elsa from Frozen.  One of these things is not like the other, but Elsa is royalty, and Elsa could be a frost giant baby, and Elsa could be the winter that is coming?  So we made it work.

So when we went pattern shopping this summer, we first looked at the sanctioned Elsa dress patterns.  They just… were not what my friend wanted.  They were child-friendly versions of the costumes accordingly sized up, and my friend wanted the va-va-voom “Let it Go” Elsa, with the slit up the side and all that fabulous whatnot.  So we decided to improvise, sort of.  Originally, this was a pattern for a Kate Middleton-esque wedding dress; Mom changed the neckline and added a slit, put boning in the dress top, and more or less made up a pattern for the cape.  The pattern also had the top over the bodice, not under, so that required some doing.  And when the dress was made in this fabric, voila.  She also corset-laced the back of the dress.

A note on the fabric: the solid fabric that was used for the dress was apparently just fine to work with, but the sheer stuff, which I forget the name of but I’m pretty sure Amanda made something out of it on this last season of Project Runway and she complained about it, was apparently horrible.  It had no give to it at all, so once my friend had the dress on she basically couldn’t lift her arms at all; it frayed so horribly that my mother and I had to go over the edges with iridescent blue nail polish or fray-guard just so it wouldn’t fall apart.  But it worked.

We take no credit for the beading, though.  That was all my friend’s doing herself.  And deserves to be shown off.

–your fangirl heroine.

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